2 Kings 8


Famine in the Land

1And Elisha spoke to the woman of whom [3was enlivened 1the 2son], saying, Rise up and go, you and your household, and sojourn of which ever place you should want to sojourn! for the  lord has called a famine upon the land; and it will be at hand upon the land for seven years. 2And [3rose up 1the 2woman], and did according to the saying of the man of God. And she went and her household, and sojourned in the land of the philistines seven years. 3And it came to pass after the end of the seven years, that [3returned 1the 2woman] from out of the land of the philistines. And she went to yell to the king on account of her house, and on account of her fields. 4And the king spoke to Gehazi the servant of Elisha, the man of God, saying, Describe indeed to me! all the great things which Elisha did. 5And it came to pass, of his describing to the king of how he enlivened the son having died, that behold, the woman of whom he enlivened her son came yelling to the king concerning her house and concerning her fields. And Gehazi said, O master, O king, this is the woman, and this is her son whom Elisha enlivened. 6And [3asked 1the 2king] the woman, and she described to him. And [3appointed 4to her 1the 2king 6eunuch 5one], saying, Return all the things of hers, and all the offspring of her field from the day of which she left the land until the present. 7And Elisha came unto Damascus. And the son of Hadad king of Syria was infirm. And they announced to him, saying, [4comes 1The 2man 3of God] unto here. 8And [3said 1the 2king] to Hazael, Take in your hand a gift, and go for a meeting with the man of God, and seek anxiously of the  lord through him, saying, Shall I live from out of [2my illness 1this]? 9And Hazael went to meet him, and he took a gift in his hand of all the good things of Damascus, a tribute of forty camels. And he came and stood before him, and said, Your son, the son of Hadad king of Syria sent me to you, saying, Shall I live from out of [2my illness 1this]? 10And [2said 3to 4him 1Elisha], Go, say to him, To life you shall live! But [2showed 3to me 1the  lord] that to death he shall die. 11And Hazael stood in front of him, and he placed before him the gifts until he was ashamed. And [4wept 1the 2man 3of God].

Elisha Prophecies Hazael's Atrocities

12And Hazael said, Why is it that my master weeps? And he said that, I have beheld as many things as you shall do to the sons of Israel -- bad things. [2their fortresses 1You will send] up in fire, and their chosen ones you will kill by broadsword, and their infants you shall dash, and the ones [3one in 4the womb 2having 1of them] you shall tear apart. 13And Hazael said, What is your servant, the dog having died, that he will do [2thing 1this great]? And Elisha said, [2showed 3to me 1The  lord] you reigning over Syria. 14And he went forth from Elisha, and came to his master. And he said to him, What said Elisha to you? And he said, He said to me, To life you shall live. 15And it came to pass in the next day, and he took a rag, and he dipped it in water, and put it upon his face, and he died. And Hazael reigned instead of him.

Jehoram Reigns in Judah

16In [2year 1the fifth] of Jehoram son of Ahab king of Israel, [6reigned 1Jehoram 2son 3of Jehoshaphat 4king 5of Judah]. 17[2a son 3of thirty 4and 5two 6years old 1He was] in his taking reign. And eight years he reigned in Jerusalem. 18And he went in the way of the kings of Israel, as did the house of Ahab; for the daughter of Ahab was his wife. And he did the wicked thing before the  lord. 19And [2did not 3want 1the  lord] to corrupt Judah because of David his servant; as he said to give to him the lamp and to his sons all the days. 20In his days Edom annulled allegiance from beneath the hand of Judah, and they gave reign to [2over 3themselves 1a king]. 21And Jehoram ascended into Zair, and all the chariots with him. And it happened as he rose up at night, that he struck Edom circling upon him, and the commanders of the chariots. And [3fled 1the 2people] to its tents. 22But Edom annulled allegiance from beneath the hand of Judah until this day. Then Libnah annulled allegiance in that time. 23And the rest of the words of Jehoram, and all as much as he did, behold are not these written upon the scroll of the words of the days of the kings of Judah?

Ahaziah Reigns in Judah

24And Jehoram slept with his fathers, and he is entombed with his fathers in the city of David his father. And [3reigned 1Ahaziah 2his son] instead of him. 25In [2year 1the twelfth] of Jehoram son of Ahab king of Israel [6reigned 1Ahaziah 2son 3of Jehoram 4king 5of Judah]. 26[2was a son 3of twenty 4and 5two 6years of age 1Ahaziah] in his taking reign. And he reigned a year in Jerusalem. And the name of his mother was Athaliah, daughter of Omri king of Israel. 27And he went in the way of the house of Ahab, and he did the wicked thing before the  lord, as the house of Ahab, for [2son-in-law 3of the house 4of Ahab 1he is]. 28And he went with Jehoram son of Ahab to war against Hazael king of Syria in Ramoth Gilead. And [3struck 1the 2Syrians] Jehoram. 29And [3returned 1king 2Jehoram] to be treated medically in Jezreel from the wounds of which [3struck 4him 1the 2Syrians] in Ramoth Gilead, during his waging war against Hazael king of Syria. And Ahaziah, son of Jehoram king of Judah went down to see Jehoram son of Ahab in Jezreel, because he was infirm.
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