2 Peter 2


Concerning False Prophets and Teachers

1But there existed also false prophets among the people; as also among you there will be false teachers, ones who shall introduce privately [2sects 1destructive], and [2the 4buying 5them 3master 1denying], bringing unto themselves quick destruction. 2And many shall follow after them in the destruction, through whom the way of the truth shall be blasphemed. 3And by a desire for wealth, with shaped words, they shall make trade of you; for whom the judgment of old is not idle, and their destruction shall not slumber. 4For if God [2of angels 3sinning 1spared not], but in chains of the infernal region delivered them up for [2judgment 1being kept for]; 5and the ancient world he spared not, but [3the eighth 2Noah 5of righteousness 4proclaimer 1kept], [2the flood 4world 3to the impious 1having brought]; 6and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah having reduced to ashes [2by a final event 1he condemned]; [2an example 3for the ones being about 4to be impious 1having set]; 7and [2righteous 3Lot 4being harassed 5by 6the 7unlawful ones 8in 9lewdness 10of behavior, 1he rescued], 8(for by sight and hearing, the righteous man dwelling among them, day by day [3soul 2his righteous 4by their lawless 5works 1tormented];) 9but the Lord knows [2the pious 3from 4tests 1to rescue], and the unrighteous [2for 3a day 4of judgment 5being punished 1to keep]; 10and especially the ones [2after 3the flesh 4in 5a desire 6for defilement 1going], and [2lordship 1ones disdaining]; daring, self-willed, [4glories 1they do not 2tremble 3in blaspheming]. 11Where angels [2in strength 3and 5power 4greater 1being], do not bring against them before the Lord a blasphemous case. 12But these, as [2illogical 3living creatures 1physical], engendered for conquest and corruption in [2what 3they know not 1blaspheming], in their corruption shall be laid waste; 13carrying a wage of unrighteousness; [5satisfaction 1esteeming 2the 3daily 4delicacy]. Stains and blemishes, reveling in their deceptions, feasting together with you; 14[2eyes 1having] full of an adulterous one, and ceaseless of sin; entrapping [2souls 1unstable]; [2a heart 3being exercised 4for a desire for wealth 1having]; [2of curse 1children]. 15Leaving behind the straight way, they wandered, following after the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, who [2the wage 3of unrighteousness 1loved]; 16[3rebuke 1but 2had] of his own unlawfulness -- [2beast 1a voiceless], in a man's voice uttering a sound, restrained the [2of the 3prophet 1ranting]. 17These are [2springs 1waterless], clouds [2by 3a tempest 1being driven], ones to whom the infernal region of darkness [2into 3the eon 1is kept]. 18For [2pompous 4of folly 1uttering 3sounds], they entrap by the desires of the flesh, in lewdnesses, the ones who really escaped from the ones [2in 3delusion 1behaving], 19[2freedom 3to them 1promising], they [2bondmen 1being] of corruption; for by whom anyone has been vanquished, by this one even he is enslaved. 20For if they having escaped the defilements of the world, in the full knowledge of the Lord and deliverer Jesus Christ, and in these things again being entangled they are vanquished, [3has become 4to them 1the 2last] worse than the first. 21[3better 1For 2it was] for them to have not known the way of righteousness, than having known, to have turned from the [3delivered 4to them 1holy 2commandment]. 22But has come to pass to them the word of the true proverb, A dog having returned unto its own excrement, and [2pig 1a bathed] unto wallowing in mire.
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