2 Samuel 1


The Death of Saul and Jonathan

1And it came to pass after the dying of Saul, that David returned from striking Amalek. And David stayed in Ziklag [2days 1two]. 2And it came to pass in the [2day 1third], that behold, a man came from out of the camp of the people of Saul, and his clothes were torn up, and earth was upon his head. And it happened in his entering to David, that he fell upon the ground and did obeisance to him. 3And [2said 3to him 1David], From what place do you come? And he said to him, From out of the camp of Israel I have come through safe. 4And [2said 3to him 1David], What word is this? Report to me! And he said, [3have fled 1The 2people] from the battle, and [2have fallen 1many] of the people, and they died; and Saul and Jonathan his son died. 5And David said to the servant-lad, In the reporting it, how do you know that [5have died 1Saul 2and 3Jonathan 4his son]? 6And [3said 1the 2servant-lad] reporting to him, By chance I fell among the mountain of Giboa; and behold, Saul was stayed upon his spear; and behold, the chariots and the commanders of the cavalry joined together against him. 7And he looked behind him, and he beheld me, and he called me. And I said, Behold, it is I. 8And he said to me, Who are you? And I said, [3an Amalekite 1I 2am]. 9And he said to me, Stand indeed above me, and put me to death! for [3constrained 4me 2darkness 1an awful], for [2is yet 1my life] in me. 10And I stood over him, and put him to death, for I knew that he would not live after he fell. And I took the crown, the one upon his head, and the armlet, the one upon his arm, and I brought them to my master here.

Israel Mourns for Saul and Jonathan

11And David took hold of his clothes, and tore them; and all the men, the ones with him. 12And they beat their chests and wept, and fasted until evening over Saul, and over Jonathan his son, and over the people of Judah, and over the house of Israel, because they were struck by the broadsword. 13And David said to the servant-lad, the one reporting to him, From what place are you? And he said, [3the son 6man 5sojourner 4of an Amalekite 1I 2am]. 14And [2said 3to him 1David], How is it you do not fear to bear your hand to utterly destroy the anointed one of the  lord? 15And David called one of his servant-lads, and he said, Coming forward, you meet him! And he struck him, and he died. 16And [2said 3to 4him 1David], Your blood be upon your head, for your mouth answered against you, saying, I put to death the anointed one of the  lord. 17And David lamented this lamentation over Saul, and over Jonathan his son. 18And he spoke to teach the sons of Judah. Behold, it is written upon the scroll of the upright. 19And he said, Set up a stone monument, O Israel, for the ones having died upon your heights -- being slain! How [2are fallen 1the mighty ones]. 20Announce it not in Gath, and announce it not as good news in the streets of Ashkelon! lest at any time [3should be glad 1the daughters 2of the Philistines], lest at any time [4should exult 1the daughters 2of the 3uncircumcised]. 21O mountains in Gilboa, may there not fall upon you neither dew nor rain; and O fields of first-fruits, for there [3was loathed 1the shield 2of the mighty ones], the shield of Saul was not anointed with oil. 22From the blood of the slain, and from the fat of the mighty ones, the bow of Jonathan did not return empty to the rear; and the broadsword of Saul did not return empty. 23Saul and Jonathan, the ones being loved, and beautiful ones; not parted in their life, and in their death they were not parted. [2above 3eagles 1Nimble], and [2above 3lions 1strong]. 24Daughters of Israel, weep over Saul! the one dressing you with scarlet apparel, with your ornament; the one bearing [2ornament 1a golden] for your clothes. 25How [2fell 1the mighty ones] in the midst of battle, O Jonathan, upon your heights you were slain. 26I ache over you, Jonathan, O my brother. You were beautiful to me, exceedingly; [3caused wonder 1your affection 2to me] -- above the affection of women. 27O how [2fell 1the mighty ones], and [3perished 1the weapons 2of warfare].
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