2 Samuel 13


Amnon Abases Tamar

1And it happened after these things, that there was to Absalom, son of David, a sister good to the sight, exceedingly. And her name was Tamar, and [4loved 5her 1Amnon 2son 3of David]. 2And Amnon was afflicted so as to be ill over Tamar his sister, for [2a virgin 1she was], and it was an enormous thing in the eyes of Amnon to do anything to her. 3And there was a companion to Amnon, and his name was Jonadab son of Shimeah the brother of David. And Jonadab was [2practical 1exceedingly]. 4And he said to him, What is it to you that thus you are weak morning by morning, O son of the king? Will you not report it to me? And [2said 3to him 1Amnon], Tamar, the sister of my brother Absalom, I love. 5And [2said 3to him 1Jonadab], Go to bed in your bed, and be as infirm! and [2will enter 1your father] to see you. And you shall say to him, Let [4come 1indeed 2Tamar 3my sister] and feed me! and let her make [2before 3my eyes 1food]! so that I should see, and eat from her hand. 6And Amnon went to bed, and became as ill. And [3entered 1the 2king] to see him. And Amnon said to the king, Let [4come 1indeed 2Tamar 3my sister] to me! and let her bake [3before 4my eyes 1two 2biscuits]! and I will eat from her hand. 7And David sent for Tamar to the house, saying, Go indeed to the house of Amnon your brother, and make food for him! 8And Tamar went to the house of Amnon her brother. And with him being in bed, that she took the dough and mixed it, and made biscuits before his eyes, and baked the biscuits. 9And she took the frying pan, and emptied it before him, and he did not want to eat. And Amnon said, Lead out every man from about me! And they led out every man about him. 10And Amnon said to Tamar, Carry in to me the food to the bedroom! and I shall eat from out of your hand. And Tamar took the biscuits which she made, and carried them to Amnon her brother, into the bedroom. 11And she brought to him to eat. And he took hold of her, and said to her, Come, go to bed with me my sister! 12And she said to him, No, O my brother, you should not abase me, for it shall not be done so in Israel. You should not do this folly. 13And I, where shall I carry away my scorn? And you will be as one of the fools in Israel. And now, speak indeed to the king! for in no way will he restrain me from you. 14And [2did not 3want 1Amnon] to hear her voice. And he powered over her, and abased her, and went to bed with her. 15And [2detested 3her 1Amnon] with an [3hatred 2great 1exceedingly]; for so great was the hatred which he detested her, that it was above the love which he loved her. And [2said 3to her 1Amnon], Rise up and go! 16And [2said 3to him 1Tamar] that, Great is the [2evil 1last] over the first which you do with me, to send me away. And [2did not 3want 1Amnon] to hearken to her voice. 17And he called his servant set over his house, and said to him, Send indeed this one from me outside, and lock the door after her! 18And upon her was an inner garment with long sleeves, for thus [5dressed 1the 2daughters 3of the 4king], the virgins, the ones with their outer garments. And [3led 4her 2minister 1his] outside, and locked the door after her. 19And Tamar took ashes, and put them upon her head. And the inner garment, the one with long sleeves, the one upon her, she tore; and she put her hands upon her head, and she went going and crying out. 20And [3said 4to her 1Absalom 2her brother], Has Amnon your brother been with you? And now my sister be silent! for [2is your brother 1he]. Do not put it to your heart to say anything! And Tamar sat expiring in the house of Absalom her brother. 21And king David heard all these words, and was enraged exceedingly. 22And [2did not 3speak 1Absalom] with Amnon of bad or good, for Absalom detested Amnon for which he abased Tamar his sister. 23And it came to pass after two whole years of days, that they were shearing for Absalom in Baal-hazor, the one by Ephraim. And Absalom called all the sons of the king. 24And Absalom came to the king, and said, Behold indeed, [2shears 1your servant]. Let [4go 1indeed 2the 3king], and his servants with your servant. 25And [3said 1the 2king] to Absalom, No indeed, O my son, in no way should we all go ourselves, and in no way should we be burdensome upon you. And Absalom constrained him, and the king did not want to go, but he blessed him. 26And Absalom said, And if not, let [3go 4indeed 5with 6us 1Amnon 2my brother]! And [3said 4to him 1the 2king], Why should he go with you? 27And [2constrained 3him 1Absalom], and he sent with him Amnon, and all the sons of the king.

Absalom Kills Amnon

28And Absalom gave charge to his servants, saying, Behold, when ever [4feels good 1the 2heart 3of Amnon] with the wine, and I should say to you, Strike Amnon and put him to death! you should not fear. For is it not I giving charge to you? Be manly and become as sons of power! 29And [4did 1the 2servants 3of Absalom] to Amnon as he gave charge to them. And [6rose up 1all 2the 3sons 4of the 5king], and [2mounted 1each] upon his mule, and they fled. 30And it came to pass of their being in the way, that the report came to David saying, Absalom struck all the sons of the king, and did not leave behind of them not even one. 31And [3rose up 1the 2king], and tore his clothes, and laid upon the ground. And all his servants standing around him tore their clothes. 32And [6answered 1Jonadab 2son 3of Shimeah 4brother 5of David] and said, Let not [4say 1my master 2the 3king] that all the boys of the sons of the king he put to death! but only Amnon alone died, for by the mouth of Absalom it was situated to be from the day of which he abased Tamar his sister. 33And now, let not [4put 1my master 2the 3king] [2upon 3his heart 1the matter]! saying that, All the sons of the king died; for only Amnon alone died. 34And Absalom ran away. And [4lifted 1the 2servant 3watchman] his eyes and looked. And behold, [2people 1there were many] going in the way behind him from out of the side of the mountain. 35And Jonadab said to the king, Behold, the sons of the king are at hand; according to the word of your servant, thus it has happened. 36And it came to pass when he completed speaking, that behold, the sons of the king came and lifted up their voice and wept. And indeed the king and all his servants wept [3weeping 2great 1an exceedingly]. 37And Absalom ran away, and he went to Talmai, son of Ammihud, king of Geshur. And [3mourned 1the 2king] over his son all the days. 38And Absalom fled and went forth unto Geshur, and he was there [2years 1three]. 39And [5abated 1the 2spirit 3of king 4David] to go forth unto Absalom; for he was comforted concerning Amnon, that he died.
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