2 Samuel 14


Joab's Plan to Return Absalom

1And [4knew 1Joab 2son 3of Zeruiah] that the heart of the king was towards Absalom. 2And Joab sent to Tekoah, and he took from there [2woman 1a wise]. And he said to her, You mourn indeed, and put on [2garments 1mournful], and do not anoint yourself with oil, and be as a woman [3days 2for many 1mourning] for one having died! 3And you shall come to the king, and you shall speak to him according to this thing. And Joab put the words into her mouth. 4And [3entered 1the 2Tekoahite woman] to the king, and she fell upon her face to the ground, and she did obeisance to him. And she said, Deliver, O king, deliver! 5And [3said 4to 5her 1the 2king], What to you is it? And she said, By all means [4woman 3a widow 1I 2am], and [2died 1my husband]. 6And indeed to your maidservant are two sons, and they [2quarreled 1both] in the field, and there was no one for rescuing between them, and [3hit 1the 2one] [2one 3brother 1his], and killed him. 7And behold, [4rose up 2entire 1the 3family] against your maidservant, and they said, Give over the one hitting his brother, and we shall kill him, on account of the life of his brother whom he killed; and we shall take away the heir. And so they shall extinguish my spark of coal, the one being left behind to me, so as to not establish to my husband a vestige and name upon the face of the earth. 8And [3said 1the 2king] to the woman, Go to your house being in health! and I will take charge concerning you. 9And [4said 3woman 1the 2Tekoahite] to the king, O my master, O king, upon me be the iniquity, and upon the house of my father! and the king and his throne be innocent! 10And [3said 1the 2king], The one speaking to you a word, lead him to me! and in no way shall anyone proceed yet to touch you. 11And [3said 1the 2woman], Let now [3remember 4indeed 1the 2king] the  lord your God! to multiply a relative for blood to utterly destroy, and in no way take away my son. And he said, As the  lord lives, there shall not fall of the hair of your son upon the ground. 12And [3said 1the 2woman], Let [2speak 3indeed 1your maidservant] to my master the king a thing! And he said, Speak! 13And [3said 1the 2woman], Why have you imputed thus upon the people of God? Yes, by [3speaking 1the 2king] this word it is as a trespass, [3to not 4return 1for the 2king] the one being thrust away by him. 14For to death we shall die, and as the water being discharged upon the earth, not being gathered together; that [2not 1God shall] take the life; yet he himself devises a device to not thrust away from him the one being thrusted away. 15And now for which I came to speak to [2the 3king 1my master] this word, for [3see 4me 1the 2people]; and [3will say 2maidservant 1your], Let [2speak 3indeed 1your maidservant] to my master the king, if by any means [3shall do 1the 2king] the matter of his maidservant; 16for [3shall hear 1the 2king] to rescue his maidservant from out of the hand of the man seeking to take me away, and my son, from the inheritance of God. 17And said your maidservant, Let indeed the word of my master the king be as an accepted sacrifice. For as a messenger of God, thus is my master the king, to hear the good and the bad; and the  lord your God will be with you. 18And [3answered 1the 2king] and said to the woman, You should not indeed hide from me the matter which ever I shall ask you. And [3said 1the 2woman], Let [5speak 1indeed 2my master 3the 4king]! 19And [3said 1the 2king], Is not the hand of Joab in all this with you? And [3answered 4and 5said 1the 2woman] to the king, As [2lives 1your soul], O my master, O king, since there is no turning to the right or to the left of all which [4spoke 1my master 2the 3king], for your servant Joab himself gave charge to me, and he put [3in 4the 5mouth 6of your maidservant 1all 2these words]. 20So as for [4to come about 1the 2face 3of this matter], [3prepared 2your servant 1Joab] this thing. And my master the king is wise as the wisdom of a messenger of God, to know all the things in the land. 21And [3said 1the 2king] to Joab, Behold, indeed I do to you according to [2your word 1this]. Go return the young man Absalom! 22And Joab fell upon his face upon the ground, and did obeisance, and blessed the king. And Joab said, Today [2knows 1your servant] that he found favor in your eyes, O my master, O king, for [4did 1my master 2the 3king] the matter for his servant.

Absalom Returns to Jerusalem

23And Joab rose up and went into Geshur, and he led Absalom into Jerusalem. 24And [3said 1the 2king], Let him return to his house, but [3my face 1let him not 2see]! And Absalom returned to his house, but the face of the king he did not see. 25And [3as 4Absalom 1there was no 2man] in all Israel as [2praiseworthy 1exceedingly]. From the sole of his foot and unto the top of his head -- there was not [2on 3him 1a blemish]. 26And in his shearing his head, and it took place at the end of days unto days that he sheared it, for it became burdensome upon him; and shearing, he set aside the hair of his head two hundred shekels of the [2scale-weight 1royal]. 27And there was born to Absalom three sons and [2daughter 1one], and her name was Tamar, she was [3woman 2goodly 1an exceedingly]. 28And Absalom stayed in Jerusalem two years of days, and the face of the king he did not see. 29And Absalom sent for Joab to send him to the king, and he did not want to come to him. And he sent again the second time to him, and he did not want to come.

Absalom Burns Joab's Field

30And Absalom said to his servants, You know the portion in the field of Joab being next to mine, and to him is barley there. You go and burn it by fire! And [4burned 1the 2servants 3of Absalom] by fire the portion of the field of Joab. 31And Joab rose up, and came to Absalom, to the house, and said to him, Why did [2set on fire 1your servants] my field with fire? 32And Absalom said to Joab, Behold, I sent to you, saying, Come here! And I will send you to the king, saying, Why did I come from out of Geshur? [2good 3for me 1It was] to be there. And now, I shall see indeed the face of the king, and if there is [2in 3me 1iniquity] then I shall be killed. 33And Joab went to the king, and reported to him. And he called Absalom, and he entered to the king, and he did obeisance to him and fell upon his face upon the ground before the king. And [3kissed 1the 2king] Absalom.
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