2 Samuel 18


Leaders of David's Forces

1And David numbered all the people with him. And he placed over them commanders of thousands, and commanders of hundreds. 2And David sent away the people, a third under the hand of Joab, and another third under the hand of Abishai son of Zeruiah, brother of Joab, and other third under the hand of Ittai the Gittite. And [3said 1the 2king] to the people, In going forth, I shall go forth even indeed I myself with you. 3And [3said 1the 2people], You shall not go forth; for if [2into exile 1we should flee], they shall not put us to heart. And if [3should die 1half 2of us] they shall not put us to heart. For you are as of us ten thousand. And now it is good that you will be with us in the city for our helper. 4And [3said 4to 5them 1the 2king], The pleasing thing before you I will do. And [3stood 1the 2king] by the side of the gate, and all the people went forth by hundreds and by thousands. 5And [3gave charge 1the 2king] to Joab and to Abishai and to Ittai, saying, Spare for me the young man Absalom! And all the people heard [3giving charge 1the 2king] to all the rulers concerning Absalom. 6And [4went forth 1all 2the 3people] into the field for meeting Israel. And [3happened 1the 2battle] in the grove of Ephraim. 7And [4failed 5there 1the 2people 3of Israel] before the children of David. And there became [2devastation 1a great] in that day -- twenty thousand men. 8And it came to pass there the war dispersed over the face of all the land. And [3was superabundant 1the 2forest] in devouring of the people above what [3devoured 1the 2sword] among the people in that day. 9And Absalom met before the servants of David. And Absalom was mounted upon the mule, and [3was entering 1the 2mule] under the thicket of the [2oak 1great]. And [2was twisted 1his head] in the oak, and he hung between the heaven and between the earth, and the mule underneath him went on. 10And [3saw it 2man 1one], and announced to Joab. And said, Behold, I have seen Absalom hanging in the oak. 11And Joab said to the man announcing to him, And behold, you saw it? And why is it that you did not strike him there to the ground, and I would have given to you ten shekels of silver, and [2sash 1one]? 12[4said 1And 2the 3man] to Joab, And if you rendered unto my hands a thousand shekels of silver, in no way would I put my hand against the son of the king. For in our ears [3gave charge 1the 2king] to you, and to Abishai, and to Ittai, saying, Guard for me the young man Absalom, 13to not do [2against 3his life 1anything injust]! And all the matter will not be kept unaware from the king, and you shall set yourself right opposite me.

Joab Kills Absalom

14And Joab said, This I begin; not thus shall I abide before you. And Joab took three arrows in his hand, and he stuck them in the heart of Absalom while yet he was living, in the heart of the oak. 15And there encircled ten young men lifting the weapons of Joab, and they struck Absalom, and killed him. 16And Joab trumped with the trumpet, and [3returned 1the 2people] to not pursue after Israel, for Joab spared the people. 17And Joab took Absalom, and he tossed him into [2chasm 1a great] in the grove, into the [2pit 1great], and they set over him a heap [3stones 2great 1of exceedingly]. And all Israel fled each to his tent. 18And Absalom while still living took and set for himself a monument in the valley of the king. For he said, There is not to me a son calling to mind my name. And he called the monument by his name. And he named it Hand of Absalom, until this day. 19And Ahimaaz son of Zadok said, Running indeed, I will announce good news to the king, that [2passed judgment 3to him 1the  lord] on the hand of his enemies. 20And [2said 3to him 1Joab], [3not 4a man 5of good news 2are 1You] in this day, but you shall announce good news in [2day 1another]. But in this day you shall not announce good news, for a son of the king has died. 21And Joab said to Cushi, Go, announce to the king what you have seen! And Cushi did obeisance to Joab, and he ran. 22And [4added 5still 1Ahimaaz 2son 3of Zadok], and he said to Joab, Also let it be that I run also indeed myself after Cushi! And Joab said, Why do you run, my young one? There is not [2to you 1good news] for benefit in going. 23And Ahimaaz said, For what if I shall run? And [2said 3to him 1Joab], Run! And Ahimaaz ran by the way of Kechar, and he surpassed Cushi. 24And David was sitting between the two gates, and [3went 1the 2watchman] onto the roof of the gate house, unto the wall; and he lifted his eyes and saw, and behold, there was a man running alone before him. 25And [3yelled out 1the 2watchman], and reported to the king. And [3said 1the 2king], If he is alone good news is in his mouth. And he went along, coming and approaching. 26And [3saw 1the 2watchman 5man 4another] running. And [3yelled out 1the 2watchman] at the gate, and said, Behold, [2man 1another] is running alone. And [3said 1the 2king], Also this one [2announcing good news 1is]. 27And [3said 1the 2watchman], I see the racing of the first as the racing of Ahimaaz son of Zadok. And [3said 1the 2king], [3man 2a good 1This is], and indeed for [2news 1good] he shall come. 28And Ahimaaz yelled and said to the king, Peace. And he did obeisance to the king upon his face upon the ground. And he said, Blessed be the  lord your God, who shut up the men, the ones lifting their hand against my master the king. 29And [3said 1the 2king], Is there peace to the young man Absalom? And Ahimaaz said, I saw the [2multitude 1great] being gladdened in the sending Joab the servant of the king, and your servant, and I do not know what happened there. 30And [3said 1the 2king], Turn aside and stand by here! And he turned aside and stood. 31And behold, Cushi came. And Cushi said to the king, Let there be good news announced, O my master the king! for [2passed judgment 3for you 1the  lord] today of the hand of all the ones rousing against you. 32And [3said 1the 2king] to Cushi, How is the peace to the young man Absalom? And Cushi said, Let be as that young man, the enemies of my master the king! and all as many as rise up against you for evils. 33And [3was disturbed 1the 2king], and he ascended into the upper room of the gate and wept. And so he said as he wept, O My son, Absalom. O my son!, O my son, Absalom. What that I couldn't give my death for you, I instead of you, Absalom, O my son! O my son.
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