2 Samuel 24


David Numbers the People

1And [2proceeded 3in anger 1the  lord] to burn in Israel. And he stirred up David against them, saying, Go count Israel and Judah! 2And [3said 1the 2king] to Joab, ruler of the forces of the ones with him, Go around indeed all the tribes of Israel and Judah, from Dan and unto Beer-sheba, and number the people! and I shall know the number of the people. 3And Joab said to the king, And may [3add 1the  lord 2your God] to your people, as even these a hundred foldly, and the eyes of my master the king seeing it -- but my master the king, why do you want to do this matter? 4And [5excelled 1the 2word 3of the 4king] against Joab, and the rulers of the force. And Joab went forth, and the rulers of the force before the king to number the people of Israel. 5And they passed over the Jordan, and they camped in Aroer at the right of the city of the one in the midst of the ravine of Gad and Eleizer. 6And they came into Gilead, and into the land Tahtim Hodshi; and they came into Dan, and encircled to Sidon, 7and they came into Mapsar of Tyre, and to all the cities of the Hivite, and the Canaanite. And they went out unto the south of Judah into Beer-sheba. 8And they traveled about in all the land, and came at the end of nine months and twenty days into Jerusalem. 9And Joab gave the number of the numbering of the people to the king. And there was to Israel eight hundred thousand men of the force unsheathing the broadsword. And men of Judah -- five hundred thousand men warriors. 10And [3struck 1the heart 2of David] him after counting the people. And David said to the  lord, I have sinned exceedingly -- I having done this thing. And now, O  lord, remove indeed the iniquity of your servant, for I was in folly exceedingly. 11And David rose up in the morning, and the word of the  lord came to Gad the prophet, the one seeing for David, saying, 12Go and speak to David! saying, Thus says the  lord, Three things I lift unto you; you choose for yourself one of them! and I will execute against you.

Judgment against David

13And Gad went to David, and he announced, and he said to him, Choose for yourself what is to be to you! Three years of famine in your land, or three months for you to flee before your enemies, and they will be pursuing you, or [4to be 1three 2days 3of plague] in your land. Now then, know and perceive! what I shall answer to the one sending me. 14And David said to Gad, [3narrow choice 4to me 2an exceedingly 1It is] -- the three things. I shall fall into the hands of the  lord, for [3great 1his compassions 2are exceedingly], but into the hands of men in no way shall I fall. 15And [2chose 3for himself 1David] plague. And the  lord appointed plague in Israel from morning and unto the hour of dinner. And there died from out of the people from Dan and unto Beer-sheba seventy thousand men. 16And [3stretched out 1the 2angel] his hand to Jerusalem, to utterly destroy it. And the  lord relented over the evil, and said to the angel destroying among the people, Enough now, spare your hand! And the angel of the  lord was by the threshing-floor of Araunah the Jebusite. 17And David spoke to the  lord in his beholding the angel striking among the people, and he said, Behold, I sinned, and I the shepherd did evil, and these are the sheep, what did they do? Let [3come 2indeed 1your hand] against me, and against the house of my father! 18And Gad came to David in that day, and said to him, Ascend, and set up an altar to the  lord in the threshing-floor of Araunah the Jebusite! 19And David ascended according to the word of Gad the prophet, in which manner [2gave charge 3to him 1the  lord]. 20And Araunah looked, and he beheld the king, and his servants coming near unto him. And Araunah went forth, and did obeisance to the king upon his face upon the ground. 21And Araunah said, For what reason comes my master the king to his servant? And David said, To acquire from you the threshing-floor, to build an altar to the  lord, so that [5should be constrained 1the devastation 2upon 3the 4people]. 22And Araunah said to David, Take it and offer, O my master the king, to the  lord what is good in your eyes! Behold, the oxen are for a whole burnt-offering, and the wheels, and the items of the oxen are for wood. 23The whole amount Araunah gave to the king. And Araunah said to the king, The  lord your God, may he bless you. 24And [3said 1the 2king] to Araunah, Not so, but only by acquiring shall I acquire it from you for a price, for I shall not offer to the  lord my God a whole burnt-offering without paying a charge. And David acquired the threshing-floor, and the oxen with [2silver 3shekels 1fifty]. 25And [2built 3there 1David] an altar to the  lord, and he offered whole burnt-offerings, and peace offerings. And the  lord heeded the land, and held up the devastation on top of Israel.
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