2 Samuel 6


David Leads an Expedition with the Ark

1And [2gathered 3again 1David] every young man of Israel -- thirty thousand. 2And [2rose up 3and 4went 1David], and all the people with him, and some of the rulers of Judah, to lead from there the ark of God, upon which [7is called upon 1the 2name 3of the 4  lord 5of the 6forces], the one sitting upon the cherubim upon it. 3And they set the ark of God upon [2wagon 1a new], and lifted it from out of the house of Abinadab, the one on the hill. And Uzzah and his brethren, the sons of Abinadab, led the wagon with the ark. 4And his brethren went in front of the ark. 5And David and all the sons of Israel played before the  lord with instruments in accord, and with odes, and with lutes, and with stringed instruments, and with tambourines, and with cymbals, and with pipes.

Uzzah Touches the Ark and Dies

6And they come unto the threshing-floor of Nachon, and Uzzah stretched out his hand to the ark of God to hold it. And he held it, for [3distracted it 1the 2calf]. 7And [2was enraged 3in anger 1the  lord] with Uzzah; and [2struck 3him 4there 1God] for the rashness; and he died there by the ark of the  lord before God. 8And David was depressed because of which the  lord cut severance with Uzzah. And he called that place, Severance of Uzzah, until this day. 9And David feared the  lord in that day, saying, How shall [4enter 5to 6me 1the 2ark 3of God]? 10And [2did not 3want 1David] to turn aside to himself the ark of the covenant of the  lord into the city of David. And [2turned off 3with it 1David] into the house of Obed Edom the Gittite. 11And [5stayed 1the 2ark 3of the 4  lord] in the house of Obed Edom the Gittite [2months 1three]. And the  lord blessed the entire house of Obed Edom and all the things of his.

David Brings the Ark into Jerusalem

12And it was reported to king David, saying, The  lord blessed the house of Obed Edom, and all of his, because of the ark of God. And David went and led the ark of the  lord from out of the house of Obed Edom into the city of David with gladness. 13And there were with him the ones lifting the ark of the  lord, seven companies of dancers, and [4for sacrifice 1a calf 2and 3lambs]. 14And David played music with instruments in accord in the presence of the  lord. And David was clothed in [2robe 1a special]. 15And David and all the house of Israel led the ark of the  lord with a cry, and with the sound of a trumpet. 16And it happened of the ark coming unto the city of David, that Michal daughter of Saul looked through the window, and she saw king David dancing and playing music before the  lord; and she treated him with contempt in her heart. 17And they carried in the ark of the  lord, and put it aside in its place, in the middle of the tent which [2pitched 3for it 1David]. And David offered whole burnt-offerings before the  lord, and peace offerings. 18And David completed offering the whole burnt-offerings, and the peace offerings; and he blessed the people in the name of the  lord of the forces. 19And he portioned to all the people among all the force of Israel, from man unto woman, to each a biscuit of bread, and broiled meat, and a pancake from the frying pan. And [4went forth 1all 2the 3people] each to his house.

Michal Raves at David

20And David returned to bless his house. And [5came forth 1Michal 2the 3daughter 4of Saul] to meet David, and she said, How was [4glorified 5today 1the 2king 3of Israel], who was uncovered today in the eyes of the girls of his servants, as [2uncovers 3by uncovering 1one] of the ones dancing. 21And David said to Michal, In the presence of the  lord I will dance, who chose me over your father, and over all his house, to place me in the lead over his people Israel; and I shall play and dance in the presence of the  lord. 22And I will be uncovered again thus, and I will be useless in your eyes, and with the girls of whom you said of me, I was not extolled. 23And Michal daughter of Saul did not have a child unto the day of her dying.
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