2 Thessalonians 2


The Arrival of The Lord

1And we ask you, brethren, concerning the arrival of our Lord Jesus Christ, and our assembling together unto him, 2for [2to not 3quickly 4be shaken 1you] of the mind, nor to be alarmed, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter, as by us, that [5is present 1the 2day 3of the 4Christ].

The Coming Defection

3Let not any completely deceive you in not one manner! for it will not be unless [3should come 1the 2defection] first, and [4should be uncovered 1the 2man 3of sin], the son of destruction, 4the one being an adversary and elevating himself above all being called god or object of worship; so as for him [2in 3the 4temple 5of God 6as 7God 1to sit], exhibiting himself that he is God. 5Do you not remember that still being with you, [2these things 1I said] to you? 6And now the one constraining you know, for the uncovering him in his own time. 7For the mystery [2already 3operates 1of lawlessness], only there is the one constraining just now until [2out of 3the midst 1he should be]. 8And then [3shall be uncovered 1the 2lawless one], whom the Lord shall consume by the breath of his mouth, and shall render [4useless 1the 2grandeur 3of his arrival]; 9whose [2is 1arrival] according to the energy of Satan in every power and signs and miracles of a lie, 10and in every deception of unrighteousness among the ones being destroyed, because of the love of the truth they received not for them to be delivered. 11And on account of this [2shall send forth 3to them 1God] an energy of delusion, for them to believe in the lie, 12that [11should be judged 1all 2the ones 3not 4believing 5in the 6truth 7but 8taking pleasure 9in 10unrighteousness]. 13But we ought to give thanks to God at all times concerning you, brethren beloved by the Lord, that [2took you up 1God] from the beginning for deliverance in sanctification of spirit, and belief of truth, 14in which he called you through our good news in procurement of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. 15So then, brethren, stand firmly and hold the traditions which you were taught, whether by word, or whether by our letter! 16[5himself 1But 2our Lord 3Jesus 4Christ], and the God and our father, the one having loved us, and gave [2comfort 1eternal], and [2hope 1good] in favor, 17may he comfort your hearts, and support you in every [2word 3and 4work 1good].
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