Acts 24


Paul Appears before Felix

1And after five days there came down the chief priest Ananias with the elders, and a rhetorician, a certain Tertullus, who revealed themselves to the governor against Paul. 2And having been called, [2himself 3began 4to charge 1Tertullus], saying, Great peace is happening through you, and great feats are happening to this nation because of your forethought, 3both totally and everywhere we receive it gladly, most excellent Felix, with all thankfulness. 4But so that [2should not 4upon 6much more 5you 1I 3hinder], I appeal for you to hear us so suddenly in your clemency. 5For having found this man mischievous, and moving insurrection among all the Jews in the habitable world, and front rank of the [2of the 3Nazarenes 1sect]; 6who also [3the 4temple 1attempted 2to profane], whom also we seized, and according to our law we wanted to judge. 7[5having come by 1But 2Lysias 3the 4commander] with a great force [2from out of 3our hands 1took him], 8bidding his accusers to come; from whom you will be able, he having questioned, concerning all these things, to realize what we accuse him. 9[5joined in making an attack 1And 2also 3the 4Jews], maintaining these things thus to suffice. 10[3responded 1And 2Paul], [3nodding 4to him 1of the 2governor] to speak, saying, For many years you being judge to this nation; knowing this, more cheerfully the things concerning myself I make a defense. 11You being able to know that [2not 3more than 1there were 6to me 5days 4twelve] from which I ascended to do obeisance into Jerusalem, 12and neither in the temple did they find me with anyone reasoning, or [2a conspiracy 1causing] of a multitude, neither in the synagogues, nor in the city; 13nor [2to render proof 1are they able] concerning which now they charge me. 14But I acknowledge this to you, that according to the way, which they call a sect, so I serve to the paternal God, believing in all things according to the law and to the things [2in the prophets 1having been written], 15[2a hope 1having] in God; which also they themselves wait for -- a resurrection about to be of the dead, both of just and unjust. 16And in this I discipline myself, not causing anyone to stumble, [2a conscience 1having] towards God and men continually. 17[2after 4years 1And 3more] I came [2charity 1offering] to my nation, and offerings; 18in which they found me purified in the temple, not with a multitude, nor with a tumult. But certain [2from 3Asia 1Jews], 19whom must [2before 3you 1be at hand], and to charge, if anything they may have against me; 20and [2these 3themselves 1let] speak! if they found anything in me for an offence, with my standing before the sanhedrin; 21other than concerning this one voice which I cried out standing among them, that, Concerning a resurrection of the dead I am judged today by you. 22And hearing these things, Felix postponed them, more exactly knowing the things concerning the way, having said, Whenever Lysias the commander should come down, I will determine the things as to you. 23And having given orders to the centurion to keep Paul, and to let him have relaxation, and for no one to restrain his own people to assist or to come forward to him. 24And after some days, Felix having come with Drusilla his wife, being Jewish, he fetched Paul, and he heard him concerning the [2in 3Christ 1belief]. 25[3reasoning 1And 2of his] concerning righteousness, and self-control, and the judgment about to be, [3thrown into fear 2becoming 1Felix] responded, For now it suffices, go! but a time for sharing I will call you back. 26But at the same time also hoping that things shall be given to him by Paul, so that he should loose him; therefore also more frequently fetching him, he consorted with him. 27And a space of two years having been fulfilled, [2received 3as a successor 1Felix], Porcius Festus. And wanting favors to be laid away with the Jews, Felix left Paul bound.
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