Acts 27


The Voyage to Rome

1And when it was decided for us to sail away unto Italy, they delivered up both Paul and certain other prisoners to a centurion, by name Julius, of the cohort of Augustus. 2And having set foot in a boat of Adramyttium, being about to sail the [2along 3Asia 1places], we embarked; being with us Aristarchus a Macedonian of Thessalonica. 3 And another day we led down unto Sidon. [3kindly 1And 2Julius] treating Paul, permitted him [2to 3his friends 1going 5care 4to attain]. 4And from there embarking, we sailed under Cyprus, because of the winds being adverse. 5And the open sea along Cilicia and Pamphylia having sailed, we went down unto Myra of Lycia. 6And there [3having found 1the 2centurion] a boat of Alexandria sailing to Italy, he boarded us onto it. 7[2in 3a fit amount 1And] of days sailing slowly, and hardly coming near Cnidus, [3not 4allowing us further 1the 2wind], we sailed under Crete, near Salmone. 8And hardly sailing along it, we came to a certain place being called, Good Harbors, near which was a city of Lasea. 9And a fit amount of time having elapsed, and being already a dangerous voyage, because also the fasting already went by, Paul earnestly advised, 10saying to them, Men, I contemplate that with damage and much loss, not only of the load of cargo and the boat, but also [6of our lives 4about 3is 5to be 1the 2voyage]. 11But the centurion [2by the 3navigator 4and 5the 6shipmaster 1was persuaded] rather than the things [2by 3Paul 1being said]. 12[5being unsuitable 1And 2the 4harbor 3existing] for wintering, the more they made counsel to embark from there, if by any means they might be able, arriving at Phoenix, to pass the winter, a harbor of Crete looking towards the southwest and towards the northwest.


13And blowing gently south, thinking the purpose to have been reached, having lifted off [2close by 1they sailed] Crete. 14[4after 2not 3long 1But 7shot 8by 9it 6wind 5a stormy], being called Euroclydon. 15[4being seized with force 1And 2the 3boat], and not able to tack into the wind, giving up we bore off. 16[4small island 1And 3some 2running under] being called Clauda, [2hardly 1we were 3able 5control 4to take] of the skiff; 17which having taken up, [2helps 1they employed], undergirding the boat; and fearing lest into the Syrtis they should fall off, letting down the rigging, thus they were borne along. 18And vehemently with our being tossed by the storm, on the next day an expulsion of cargo was made; 19and the third day with our own hands [2the 3rigging 4of the 5boat 1we tossed out]. 20And neither sun nor stars were appearing for many more days, [4distress 1and 2no 3small] was pressed upon us, [2remaining 4was removed 1and all 3hope] for us to be preserved. 21And a long lack of food existing, then Paul standing in their midst said, Indeed it behooved you, O men, having yielded obedience to me, to not have embarked from Crete, so as to gain this damage and the loss. 22And at present I earnestly advise you be cheerful! [5cast off 1For 3life 2not one 4will be] of you, except the boat. 23For there stood beside me in this night an angel of God, of whom I am, and in whom I serve, 24saying, Fear not, Paul, Caesar you must stand before, and behold, [2has granted 3to you 1God] all the ones sailing with you. 25Therefore be cheerful men! for I believe in God that so it will be in which manner it has been spoken to me. 26[2onto 4island 1But 3a certain] we must fall. 27And when the fourteenth night came to pass, we being carried about in the Adriatic, towards the middle of the night [3suspected 1the 2seamen 6neared 4some 7them 5region]. 28And having sounded, they found it [2fathoms 1twenty]; and a short time having elapsed, and again having sounded, they found it [2fathoms 1fifteen]. 29And fearing perhaps [2into 3rough 4places 1they should fall], [4from out of 5the stern 1they tossed 3anchors 2four], vowing day to come. 30And the seamen seeking to flee from the boat, and having let down the skiff into the sea, with an excuse as [4from 5the prow 1to be about 3the anchors 2to stretch out], 31Paul said to the centurion, and to the soldiers, If these do not stay in the boat, you [3to be preserved 1will not 2be able]. 32Then the soldiers cut off the lines of the skiff, and allowed it to fall off. 33And until [2was about 1day] to come, Paul appealed for all to share in nourishment, saying, [2is the fourteenth 1Today] day [2expecting 3without eating 1you continue], [2nothing 1having taken] to yourselves. 34Therefore I appeal to you to take nourishment, for this [2for 3your 4deliverance 1exists]; [2not one 1for 4of yours 3hair 6from 7your head 5shall fall]. 35And having said these things, and having taken bread, he gave thanks to God before all; and having broken he began to eat. 36[4cheerful 1And 3having become 2all], also they took nourishment. 37And we were in the boat, all [4souls 1two hundred 2seventy 3six]. 38And being satisfied with nourishment, they lightened the boat, casting out the grain into the sea.

Shipwreck on Malta

39And when [2day 1it became], [3the 4land 1they did not 2recognize]; [4bay 1but 3a certain 2they contemplated] having a shore, on which they consulted if they are able to thrust the boat. 40And [2the 3anchors 1having removed], they gave up unto the sea, together unfastening the tillers of the rudders; and having lifted up the mainsail to the blow, they held for the shore. 41And having fallen into a place between two seas, they ran [3aground 1the 2ship]. And the prow having stuck, remained unshaken, but the stern was loose by the force of the waves. 42And the soldiers plan was that [2the 3prisoners 1they should kill], lest any swimming, should have escaped. 43But the centurion wanting to save Paul, restrained them of their will, and bid the ones able to swim, having thrown themselves off first, [2unto 3the 4land 1to exit]; 44and the rest, some indeed upon planks and others upon some of the things from the boat. And so it came to pass all came through safe unto the land.
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