Amos 2


The Word against Moab

1Thus says the  lord, For the three impious deeds of Moab, even for four, I shall not turn away from it. Because they incinerated the bones of the king of Edom into powder. 2And I will send fire upon Moab, and it shall devour the foundations of the cities. And [2shall die 3in 4powerlessness 1Moab] with a sound and with a cry of a trumpet. 3And I will utterly destroy the judge from out of her; and all her rulers I will kill with him, says the  lord.

The Word against Judah

4Thus says the  lord, For the three impious deeds of the sons of Judah, even for the four, I will not turn away from it; Because of their thrusting away the law of the  lord, and his orders they kept not, and [4caused them to wander 1their vain idols 2which 3they made], the ones which [2followed 1their fathers] after them. 5And I will send out fire upon Judah, and it shall devour the foundations of Jerusalem.

The Word against Israel

6Thus says the  lord, For the three impious deeds of Israel, even for the four, I will not turn away from. Because they rendered silver for the just, and the needy for sandals; 7trampling upon the dust of the earth; and they smote for the head of the poor, and the way of the humble they turned aside. And a son and his father entered to the same maidservant, so that they should profane the name of their God. 8And [2their garments 1binding] with rough cords, [2canopies 1they made] next to the altar; and wine of extortions they drank in the house of their God. 9But I lifted away the Amorite from in front of them, as the height of cedar in his height, and he was strong as an oak; and I removed his fruit on top, and his roots beneath. 10And I led you out of the land of Egypt, and led you about in the wilderness forty years, to inherit the land of the Amorites. 11And I took of your sons for prophets, and of your young men for sanctification. [3not so 1Are 2these things], O sons of Israel, says the  lord? 12But you gave [2to drink 3for the ones 4having been sanctified 1wine]; and to the prophets you gave charge, saying, In no way prophesy! 13On account of this, behold, I roll you underneath; in which manner [3rolls 1the 2wagon] being full of stubble. 14And [2shall be destroyed 1flight into exile] from the runner; and the strong in no way should hold his strength; and the warrior in no way should deliver his soul; 15and the bowman in no way should stand; and the keen of his feet in no way should be preserved; and the horseman in no way should have delivered his life, 16and the strong in no way shall find his heart in might; the naked shall be pursued in that day, says the  lord.
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