Amos 3


The LORD's Vengeance against Israel

1Hear this word! which the  lord spoke concerning you, O house of Israel, even against every tribe of which I led from out of the land of Egypt, saying, 2Only you I knew from out of all the tribes of the earth. On account of this I will take vengeance upon you for all your sins. 3Shall [2go 1two] together altogether if they do not make themselves known to each other, no. 4Shall [2bellow 1a lion] from out of his forest [3game 1not 2having], no. Shall [2utter 1a cub] his voice from out of his haven altogether, if [2should not 3have been seized 1anything], no. 5Shall [2fall 1a bird] upon the earth without a fowler, no. Shall [2be opened up 1a snare] upon the earth without seizing anything, no. 6Shall [2sound out loud 1the trumpet] in the city, and the people shall not be terrified, no. Shall hurt be in a city which the  lord did it not, no. 7For in no way shall [3make 1the  lord 2God] a thing that he should not uncover instruction to his servants the prophets. 8A lion shall bellow, and who will not be fearful? The  lord God spoke, and who will not prophesy? 9Announce it to the places among the Assyrians, and unto the places in the land of Egypt! And say, Gather together upon the mountain of Samaria, and behold [2wonders 1many] in the midst of her, and the tyranny in her! 10And he knew not what will be before her, says the  lord, the ones treasuring up injustice and misery in their regions. 11On account of this, thus says the  lord God, Tyre and round about your land shall be made desolate; and he shall lead out of you your strength, and shall tear in pieces your regions. 12Thus says the  lord, In which manner [3should pull out 1the 2shepherd] from the mouth of the lion two legs or a lobe of an ear, so shall [4be pulled out 1the 2sons 3of Israel], the ones dwelling in Samaria before a foreign tribe, and in Damascus. 13O priests, hear and attest to the house of Jacob! says the  lord God almighty. 14For in the day whenever I shall avenge the impious deeds of Israel upon him, also I will take vengeance upon the altars of Beth-el. And [5shall be razed 1the 2horns 3of the 4altar], and shall fall upon the ground. 15I will confound and I will strike the [2house 1turreted] upon the [2house 1harvest]; and [3shall be destroyed 2houses 1the ivory], and [4shall be added 3houses 2other 1many], says the  lord.
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