Amos 9


The Earth Shaken

1I saw the  lord standing at the altar. And he said, Strike upon the atonement-seat! and [3shall be shaken 1the 2gateways]. And cut unto the heads of all! and the ones remaining of them [2by 3the broadsword 1I will kill]. In no way should one evade from them by fleeing, and in no way shall there be preserved one of them by rescuing. 2If they should be buried in Hades, from there my hand shall pull them up. And if they ascend into the heaven, from there I will lead them down. 3If they hide in the top of Carmel, from there I will search out and take them. And if they descend from out of my eyes into the depths of the sea, there I will give charge to the dragon, and it will bite them. 4And if they go into captivity in front of their enemies, there I will give charge to the broadsword, and it shall kill them. And I will firmly fix my eyes against them for bad, and not for good. 5And the  lord God almighty, is the one attaching the earth and shaking it. And [5shall mourn 1all 2the ones 3dwelling 4it]. And it shall ascend as the river of Egypt. 6The one building [2into 3the 4heaven 1his ascent]. and the one [2his promise 3upon 4the 5earth 1founding], the one calling on the water of the sea, and pouring it upon the face of the earth -- the  lord is his name. 7[2not 3as 4sons 5of Ethiopians 1Are you] to me, O sons of Israel, says the  lord? Did I not lead Israel from out of the land of Egypt, and the Philistines from out of Cappadocia, and the Syrians from out of the pit? 8Behold the eyes of the  lord God are upon the kingdom of the sinners, and I will lift it from the face of the earth; only that not unto completion will I remove the house of Jacob, says the  lord. 9For behold, I give charge, and I shall winnow among all the nations the house of Israel, in which manner grain is winnowed by the winnowing shovel; and in no way shall there fall a broken piece upon the earth. 10By broadsword [5shall come to an end 1all 2the 3sinners 4of my people], the ones saying, In no way shall approach nor come upon us the evils.

The LORD Rebuilds

11In that day I will raise up the tent of David, the one having fallen, and I will rebuild its fallen things. And the things having been razed of it, I will raise up, and I will rebuild it as the days of the eon; 12so that [5should inquire 1the ones 2remaining 3of the 4men], and all the nations, the ones of whom [2was called upon 1my name] by them, says the  lord, the one doing these things. 13Behold, days come, says the  lord, and [3shall overtake 1the 2threshing] the gathering of crops; and [3shall grow dark 1the 2grape] in the sowing; and [2shall trickle down 3the 4mountains 1sweetness], and all the hills shall be planted together. 14And I will return the captivity of my people Israel, and they shall rebuild the cities having been obliterated, and shall inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and they shall drink their wine; and they shall make gardens, and shall eat their fruit. 15And I will plant them upon their land. And in no way shall they be pulled out any longer from their land of which I gave to them, says the  lord God.
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