Amos 4


Israel Multiplies Iniquities

1Hear this word, O heifers of the land of Bashan! the ones in the mountain of Samaria, the ones tyrannizing over the poor, and trampling upon the needy; the ones saying to their masters, Give over to us so that we should drink! 2The  lord swears an oath according to his holy things, For behold, days come upon you when they shall take you with weapons; and the ones with you [2into 3kettles 4being fired up with 1they shall put 6fires 5pestilent]. 3And you shall be brought forth naked in front of one another, and you shall be thrown onto mount Renmon, says the  lord. 4You entered into Beth-el, and were impious; and in Gilgal you multiplied to be impious; and you brought in the morning of your sacrifice offerings in the third day of your tithes. 5And they read outside the law, and called for an acknowledgment offering. Announce! that [5these things 4loved 1the 2sons 3of Israel], says the  lord. 6And I will give to you an ache of teeth among all your cities, and lack of bread loaves in all your places; and you did not return to me, says the  lord. 7And I withheld from you the rain before the three months of the gathering of crops; and I shall rain upon [2city 1one], but upon [2other city 1one] I will not rain; [2portion 1one] there shall be rain, and the portion upon which I shall not rain shall be dry. 8And [5shall be gathered together 1the inhabitants of two 2or 3three 4cities] to one city to drink water; and in no way shall they be filled up. And you returned not to me, says the  lord.

The LORD Strikes Israel

9I struck you with burning fire and with jaundice. You multiplied your gardens. Your vineyards, and your fig groves, and your olive groves -- [3devoured them 1the 2caterpillar]. And neither thus you returned to me, says the  lord. 10I sent to you plague in the way of Egypt. I killed [2by 3the broadsword 1your young men], with a captivity of your horses. And I led [2by 3fire 1your camps] in your anger, and neither thus you returned to me, says the  lord. 11I eradicated you as [2eradicated 1God] Sodom and Gomorrah, and you became as a firebrand being pulled out from burning; and neither thus you returned to me, says the  lord. 12On account of this, thus I will do to you, O Israel. Furthermore that thus I will do to you, you prepare to call upon your God, O Israel! 13For behold, the one stiffening thunder, and creating wind, and reporting unto men his graciousness, producing the dawn and fog, and mounting upon the heights of the earth -- the  lord God almighty is his name.
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