Amos 5


Israel is Diminished

1Hear the word of the  lord which I take up against you -- a lamentation! The house of Israel fell; no longer should it proceed to rise. 2Virgin Israel tripped upon its land; there is none raising her up. 3For thus says the  lord God, The city from out of which went a thousand, shall be left with a hundred; and from out of which went forth a hundred, shall be left ten to the house of Israel.

A Plea for Repentance

4For thus says the  lord to the house of Israel, Inquire of me! and you shall live. 5And do not seek after Beth-el, and into Gilgal enter not, and by Well of the Oath do not pass over! For Gilgal, by capturing shall be captured, and Beth-el will be as not existing. 6Inquire of the  lord, and live! so that [4should not 5blaze up 6as 7fire 1the 2house 3of Joseph], and it should devour him, and there shall not be the one extinguishing to the house of Israel. 7The one appointing [2in 3the height 1judgment], even [2righteousness 3for 4the earth 1established]; 8The one making all things, and fashioning them differently, and turning [2into 3the morning 1the shadow], and [2day 3into 4night 1darkening]; the one calling on the water of the sea, and pouring it upon the face of the earth -- the  lord God almighty is his name. 9The one dividing conflict into strength, and [2misery 3upon 4the fortress 1the one bringing]. 10They detested [2at 3the gates 1the one reproving], and [3word 2the sacred 1they abhorred]. 11On account of this, because they struck [2with their fist 1the poor], and [3gifts 2choice 1they took] from them; [3houses 2planed 1seeing that you built], that in no way shall you dwell in them; [3vineyards 2desirable 1you planted], but in no way should you drink of their wine. 12For I knew many impious deeds of yours, and [2mighty 3sins 1your] -- trampling the just, taking prices, and [2the needy 3at 4the gates 1turning aside]. 13Because of this, the one perceiving in that time shall keep silent, for the time is evil. 14Inquire of the good, and not the wicked! so that you should live. And it will be thus -- the  lord God almighty with you in which manner you spoke, saying, 15We have detested the evil things, and we loved the good things. Then restore [2in 3the gates 1judgment]! so that [4should show mercy on 1the  lord 2God 3almighty] the residue of Joseph. 16On account of this, thus says the  lord God almighty, In all squares shall be a beating of the breast, and in all ways it shall be said, Woe, woe. [2shall be called 1The farmer] unto mourning, and for beating of the breast, and for knowing wailing. 17Even in all the ways a beating of the breast. For I shall go through your midst, said the  lord.

The Day of The LORD

18Woe, O ones desiring the day of the  lord, saying, What is this, [5to us 1the 2day 3of the 4  lord]? Even this is darkness and not light. 19It will be in which manner if [2should flee 1a man] from the face of a lion, and [2should fall 3to him 1a bear]. And he should rush into his house, and should fasten his hands upon the wall, and [2should bite 3it 1a serpent]. 20Is not darkness the day of the  lord, and not light? and dimness, not having brightness in it? 21I have detested, I have thrust away your holiday feasts, and in no way shall I savor in your festivals. 22For if you should bring to me whole burnt-offerings and your sacrifice offerings, I will not favorably receive them. And [5deliverance offering 3the grandeur 4of your 1I will not 2look upon]. 23Remove from me the sound of your odes! and [3the psalm 4of your instruments 1I will not 2hear]. 24And [2shall roll down 3as 4water 1judgment], and righteousness as [2rushing stream 1an impassable]. 25Did [3victims for slaughter 4and 5sacrifices 1you bring near 2to me], O house of Israel, for forty years in the wilderness? 26And you took up the tent of Molech, and the star of your god, Raiphan, the impressions of them which you made for yourselves. 27And I will displace you beyond Damascus, says the  lord. God almighty is the name to him.
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