Amos 6


Woe to Israel

1Woe to the ones treating Zion with contempt, and to the ones yielding upon the mountain of Samaria; they harvested the heads of nations, and [3entered 4themselves, 1the house 2of Israel]. 2Pass over all and behold, and go through from there into Hamath Rabba! And go down to Gath of the Philistines! [2the 3most excellent 4out of 5these kingdoms 1Are you]? [4greater than 5their borders 1Are 2your 3borders]? 3The ones coming unto [2day 1an evil]; the ones approaching and attaching to [2Sabbaths 1false]; 4the ones sleeping upon beds of ivory, and living wastefully upon their strewn beds, and eating kids of the flocks, and young calves of the midst of the herds -- sucklings; 5the ones clapping along with the sound of instruments; (as being established they considered them, and not as fleeting;) 6the ones drinking [2being strained 1wine], and [2with the 3foremost 4perfumes 1anointing themselves], and they suffered not anything over the destruction of Joseph. 7On account of this, now they will be captives by a company of mighty ones; and there shall be lifted away the snorting of horses from Ephraim. 8For the  lord swore an oath according to himself, saying, Because I abhor every insult of Jacob, and [2his places 1I have detested], that I will lift away his city with all the ones in her. 9And it will be if there should be left behind ten men in [2house 1one], even they shall die. 10And [2shall be left behind 1their family members], and they should press to bring forth their bones from out of the house; and one shall say to the ones set over the house, Is there still any existing with you? And he shall say, No longer, and the other shall say, Quiet, so as to not name the name of the  lord. 11For behold, the  lord gives charge, and he shall strike the [2house 1great] with fractures, and the [2house 1small] with torn pieces. 12Shall [2pursue 3in 4the rocks 1horses], no. shall they remain silent around females, no. For you distorted [2into 3rage 1judgment], and the fruit of righteousness into bitterness; 13the ones being glad over no [2word 1good]; the ones saying, Was it not in our strength we had horns? 14For behold, I will rouse against you, O house of Israel, a nation. And they shall squeeze you to not enter into Hamath, and unto the rushing stream of the west.
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