Daniel 1


The Sons of the Captivity in Babylon

1In the [2year 1third] of the kingdom of Jehoiakim king of Judah came Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon unto Jerusalem, and assaulted it. 2And the  lord gave into his hand Jehoiakim king of Judah, and from part of the items of the house of the  lord. And he brought them into the land of Shinar of the house of his god. And the items he carried into the house of the treasury of his god. 3And [3told 1the 2king] Ashpenaz his chief eunuch to bring in some from the sons of the captivity of Israel, and from the seed of royalty, and from the nobles; 4young men to whom there is no [2upon 3them 1blemish], and good to the appearance, and perceiving in all wisdom, and knowing knowledge, and considering in intelligence, and ones in whom there is strength in them to stand in the house before the king, to teach them letters and the language of the Chaldeans. 5And [3set in order 4to them 1the 2king] day by day from the table of the king, and from the wine of his banquet; and to maintain them [2years 1for three], and after these things to stand them before the king.

The Four Sons of Judah Tested

6And there existed among them from out of the sons of Judah, Daniel, and Hananiah, and Mishael, and Azariah. 7And [3added 5to them 1the 2chief eunuch 4names]; to Daniel -- Belteshazzar, and to Hananiah -- Shadrach, and to Mishael -- Meshach, and to Azariah -- Abed-nego. 8And Daniel put unto his heart so as in no way he should be polluted in the table of the king, and in the wine of his banquet. And he petitioned the chief eunuch so that in no way he should be polluted. 9And God granted Daniel for mercy and compassion before the chief eunuch. 10And [3said 1the 2chief eunuch] to Daniel, I fear my lord the king, the one arraying your food and your drink, lest at any time he should behold your faces looking downcast more than the boys, the ones of your contemporaries; and you should condemn my head to the king. 11And Daniel said to Melzar, whom [3placed 1the 2chief eunuch] over Daniel, and Hananiah, and Mishael, and Azariah. 12Test now indeed your servants [2days 1ten]; and let there be given to us from food of the seeds of the earth! and we shall eat of it, and water we shall drink. 13And let [2be seen 3before 4you 1our shape]! and the shapes of the boys of the ones eating at the table of the king. And how ever you should behold, do accordingly with your servants! 14And he hearkened to them, and he tested them [2days 1ten]. 15And after the end of the ten days [2looked 1their shape] good and strong in flesh above all the boys eating at the table of the king. 16And it came to pass Melzar did away with their supper and the wine for their drink, and he gave to them food of the seeds. 17And [2gave 3to them 1God] understanding and intelligence in all academics, and wisdom. And Daniel perceived in every vision and in dreams.

Daniel Stands before the King

18And after the end of the days which [3told 1the 2king] to bring them in, that [3brought them in 1the 2chief eunuch] before Nebuchadnezzar. 19And [3spoke 4with 5them 1the 2king]; and there was not found from out of all of them one likened to Daniel, and Hananiah, and Mishael, and Azariah; and they stood before the king. 20And in every discourse of wisdom and higher knowledge, as much as [3sought 4from 5them 1the 2king], he found them ten-times more than all of the enchanters, and the magi, the ones being in all of his kingdom. 21And Daniel existed until year one of Cyrus the king.
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