Daniel 10


Daniel's Vision of the Last Days

1In [2year 1the third] of Cyrus, king of the Persians, the word was uncovered to Daniel (of whom the name was called Belteshazzar) and [3is true 1the 2word]. And [2ability 1great] and understanding was given to him in the apparition. 2In those days, I Daniel was mourning three periods of seven of days. 3[2bread 1Of desirable] I ate not, and meat and wine did not go into my mouth, and an anointing I did not anoint with until the fullness of the three period of sevens of days. 4On the [3day 1twentieth 2and fourth] of the [2month 1first], and I was next to the [2river 1great] -- it is the Tigris. 5And I lifted my eyes and looked. And behold, a man, one being clothed with linen clothes, and his loin being girded in gold of Uphaz. 6And his body was as Tharsis stone, and his face as a sight of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his arms and his legs as the sight of brass shining, and the sound of his words as a sound of a multitude. 7And [4beheld 1I 2Daniel 3alone] the apparition. And the men, the ones with me, beheld not the apparition, but [2change of state 1a great] fell upon them, and they fled in fear. 8And I was left behind alone. And I beheld [2apparition 1this great], and there was not left in me strength, and my glory converted into corruption, and I held no strength. 9And I heard the voice of his words. And in my hearing the sound of his discourses, I was being vexed, and my face was upon the ground. 10And behold, a hand was touching me, and raised me upon my knees and palms of my hands. 11And he said to me, Daniel, man desired; perceive by the words which I speak to you, and stand at your position! for now I am sent to you. And in his speaking to me this word, I rose up trembling. 12And he said to me, Fear not Daniel! for from the [2day 1first] of which you gave your heart to perceive, and to afflict yourself before the  lord your God, [2were heard 1your words], and I came because of your words.


13And the ruler of the kingdom of the Persians stood right opposite me twenty days and one day. And behold, Michael, one of the rulers of the ones foremost, came to help me; and I left him there with the ruler of the kingdom of the Persians. 14And I came to bring understanding to you as much as shall meet your people in last of the days. For [3is still 1the 2vision] for days. 15And in his speaking with me according to these words, I put my face unto the ground, and was vexed. 16And behold, as a likeness of a son of man touched my lips, and I opened my mouth, and I spoke, and said to the one standing before me, O lord, at the apparition of you [2turned 1my within] in me, and I had not strength. 17And how shall [2be able 1your servant], O lord, to speak after [2my lord 1this]? And I, from the present shall not stand with strength in me, and there is no breath left in me. 18And proceeded and touched me as it were a vision of a man. And he strengthened me. 19And he said to me, Fear not, man desired! Peace to you, be manly and strong! And in his speaking with me, I strengthened, and I said, Speak, my lord! for you strengthened me. 20And he said, Do you know why I came to you? And now, I shall return to wage war with the ruler of the Persians. And I coming forth, and the ruler of the Greeks came. 21But I will announce to you the arranging in the writing of truth. And there is no one holding with me concerning these things, except Michael your ruler.
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