Daniel 12


The Time of the End

1And in that time shall rise up Michael the [2ruler 1great], the one standing for the sons of your people. And it will be a time of affliction such as has not taken place from of which time there became a nation on the earth, until that time. And in that time [2shall be delivered 1your people], every one found being written in the book. 2And many of the ones sleeping in [2of earth 1an embankment] shall awaken, these unto [2life 1eternal], and these others unto scorning, and for [2shame 1eternal]. 3And the ones perceiving shall shine forth as the brightness of the firmament; and of the [2righteous 1many] as the stars into the eons and still. 4And you Daniel obstruct the words, and set a seal upon the scroll until the time of completion! until [2should be taught 1many], and [3be multiplied 1the 2knowledge]. 5And I beheld, I Daniel, and behold, two others stood, one here on this bank of the river, and one here on the other bank of the river. 6And they said to the man being clothed with the linen clothes, who was upon the water of the river, Until when will be the end of which you have spoken of the wonders? 7And I heard the man, of the one being clothed with the linen clothes, who was upon the water of the river. And he raised up high his right hand, and his left unto the heaven. And he swore an oath to the one living into the eon, that for a time and times and half a time, in the completing the dispersing hand of people having been sanctified, they shall know all these things. 8And I heard, and I perceived not. And I said, O lord, what of these last things? 9And he said, Go Daniel! for [3are obstructed 4and 5sealed 1the 2words] until [2time 1end]. 10[2shall be chosen 3and 4whitened 5and 6purified by fire 7and 8sanctified 1Many]. And [2shall act lawlessly 1the lawless ones], and [3shall not 4perceive 1all 2the lawless ones], but the intelligent shall perceive. 11And from the time of the alteration of the perpetual sacrifice, and the putting of the abomination of desolation -- [4days 1a thousand 2two hundred 3ninety]. 12Blessed is the one enduring and coming into [4days 1a thousand 2three hundred 3thirty-five]. 13And you, go, for satisfying completion. And you shall rest, and shall rise up at your lot at the completion of days.
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