Daniel 6


Darius Places Daniel Over the Satraps

1And it was pleasing before Darius, and he placed over the kingdom [3satraps 1a hundred 2twenty], for them to be in [2entire 3kingdom 1his]. 2And above them [2tacticians 1three], which Daniel was one of them, for the [2to render 4to them 1satraps 3a reckoning], so that the king should not be troubled. 3And Daniel was over them, for [2spirit 1extra] was in him, and the king placed him over [2entire 3kingdom 1his]. 4And the tacticians and the satraps sought an excuse to find something against Daniel; and any excuse, or transgression, or error they did not find against him, for he was trustworthy. 5And [3said 1the 2tacticians], We did not find against Daniel an excuse unless it be in the laws of his God. 6Then the tacticians, and the satraps stood beside the king. And they said to him, O king Darius, [2into 3the 4eons 1live]! 7[5took counsel 1All 2the ones 3over 4your kingdom] -- the commandants, and satraps, the supreme leaders, and toparchs, to establish [2position 1a royal], and to strengthen an enactment, so that whoever should ask a request from any god or man, for [2days 1thirty], except from you, O king, shall be put into the pit of the lions. 8Now then, O king, establish the enactment, and display in writing how [6should not 7be changed 1the 2decree 3of the Persians 4and 5Medes]! 9Then king Darius gave orders to write the decree. 10And when Daniel knew that [3was arranged 1the 2decree], he went into his house, and the windows were open to him in his upper rooms before Jerusalem. And [2times 1three] of the day he was bending upon his knees, and praying, and making acknowledgment before his God, as he was doing before. 11Then those men closely watched, and they found Daniel petitioning and beseeching his God. 12And coming forward, they say to the king, O king, did you not [2an enactment 1order] so that every man who ever should ask from any God or man a request unto [2days 1thirty], except from you, O king, shall be put into the pit of lions? And [3said 1the 2king], [3is true 1The 2word], and the decree of the Medes and Persians shall not pass.

Daniel Thrown into the Lion's Pit

13Then they responded, and they spoke before the king, saying, Daniel, the one from the sons of the captivity of Judea was not submitted to your decree; and [2times 1three] of the day he asks of his God the requests of his. 14Then the king, as he heard the saying, [2much 1fretted] over him; and concerning Daniel he struggled to rescue him, and until evening he was struggling to rescue him. 15Then those men say to the king, Know, O king! that the decree of the Medes and Persians, every enactment and position which the king shall establish must not be altered. 16Then the king spoke, and they led Daniel, and they put him into the pit of the lions. But [3said 1the 2king] to Daniel, Your God in whom you serve continually, he will rescue you. 17And they brought [2stone 1one], and they placed it upon the mouth of the pit, and [3set seal on it 1the 2king] with his ring, and with the ring of his great men; so that [2should not 3be changed 1the thing] with regard to Daniel. 18And [3went forth 1the 2king] unto his house, and he went to bed supperless; and food was not carried in to him, and sleep left from him. 19Then the king rose up in the morning at the light. And in haste he came unto the pit of the lions. 20And at his approaching to the pit [2to 3Daniel 1he yelled 5voice 4a strong], Daniel, O servant of the living God, your God in whom you serve continually, was he able to rescue you from out of the mouth of the lions? 21And Daniel said to the king, O king, [2into 3the 4eons 1live]! 22 My God sent his angel, and he obstructed the mouths of the lions, and they did not lay me waste; for before him uprightness was found in me; and even before you, O king, [3a transgression 1I did not 2commit].

Daniel's Accusers Are Thrown into the Pit

23Then the king felt much good over him, and spoke for Daniel to be brought from out of the pit. And they bore Daniel from out of the pit, and all hurt was not found on him, for he trusted in his God. 24And [3spoke 1the 2king], and they led the men, the ones accusing Daniel, and [3into 4the 5pit 6of the 7lions 1they put 2them], and their sons, and their wives. And they did not come unto the floor of the pit before [3dominated 4them 1the 2lions], and [2all 3of their bones 1made fine]. 25Then Darius the king wrote to all the peoples, tribes, and languages, to the ones living in all the earth, saying, Peace be multiplied unto you. 26From my presence I made a decree for the one in every rule of my kingdom to be trembling and fearing from the face of the God of Daniel. For he is the living God, and the one abiding into the eons, and his kingdom shall not be destroyed, and his dominion is unto the end. 27He takes hold of and he rescues, and he produces signs and miracles in the heaven and upon the earth, who rescued Daniel from the mouth of the lions. 28And Daniel prospered during the kingdom of Darius, and during the kingdom of Cyrus the Persian.
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