Daniel 7


Daniel's Dream of the Four Beasts

1In the first year of Belshazzar king of the Chaldeans, Daniel [2a dream 1beheld], and the visions of his head upon his bed. And [2his dream 1he wrote], and the total sum of the words he said, 2I Daniel viewed in my vision of the night. And behold, the four winds of the heaven struck up in the [2sea 1great]. 3And four [2wild beasts 1great] ascended from out of the sea, differing from one another. 4The first was as a lioness, and her wings were of an eagle. I viewed until of which time [2were plucked 1her wings], and she was lifted away from the earth, and upon the feet of a man she stood, and the heart of a man was given to her. 5And behold, [2wild beast 1a second] likened to a bear, and on [2part 1one] she stood, and three ribs were in her mouth, in between her teeth. And so they said to her, Rise up, eat [2flesh 1much]! 6After it I viewed, and behold, another wild beast as a leopard; and to her [2wings 1were four] of a bird above her, and four heads were to the wild beast, and authority was given to her. 7After this I viewed, and behold, [2wild beast 1a fourth], fearful and utterly astonishing, and [2great 1extremely], and its teeth iron, strong, eating, and making fine, and the rest with its feet it trampled. And it was [2diverse 1extremely] from all the wild beasts, the ones before it. And [2horns 1ten] were to it. 8I paid attention to its horns, and behold, [3horn 1another 2small] ascended in the midst of them, and three horns prior to it were rooted out from in front of it. And behold, eyes as eyes of a man were in this horn, and a mouth speaking great things.

The Judgment Seat

9I viewed until when thrones were set, and the old one of days sat down. And his garment was as snow -- white. And the hair of his head was as [2wool 1pure]. His throne a flame of fire, its wheels as fire blazing. 10A river of fire drew exiting before him; a thousand thousands ministering to him; and ten thousand ten thousands were present before him. A judgment seat was set, and books were opened. 11I viewed then because of a voice of the [2words 1great] which that horn spoke, until [3was done away with 1the 2wild beast], and destroyed, and its body was given unto burning fire. 12And [3of the 4rest 5of the wild beasts 6was changed over 1the 2rule], and a duration of life was given to them until a time and a season. 13I viewed in a vision of the night, and behold, with the clouds of the heaven, and one as son of man was coming. And [2unto 3the 4old one 5of days 1he came], and [2before 3him 1he was brought]. 14And to him was given the rule, and the honor, and the kingdom; and all the peoples, tribes, and languages shall serve to him. His authority [2authority 1is an eternal] which shall not pass away, and his kingdom shall not be destroyed. 15[2shuddered 1My spirit], I Daniel, in my manner, and the visions of my head disturbed me. 16And I came forward to one of the ones standing, and the exactness I sought of him to learn concerning all these things. And he spoke to me the exactness; and the interpretation of the words he made known to me.

Four Beasts -- Four Kingdoms

17These, the [3wild beasts 2great 1four] -- four kingdoms shall rise up upon the earth, 18the ones that shall be lifted away. And [3shall take to themselves 4the 5kingdom 1holy ones 2of the highest]; and they shall hold it unto the eon, and unto the eon of the eons. 19And I sought exactly concerning the [2wild beast 1fourth], that was diverse from every wild beast, [2fearsome 1extremely], its teeth of iron, and its fingernails of brass; devouring, and making fine; and [2the 3rest 4with 5its feet 1it trampled upon]. 20And concerning the horns of it, of the ten, of the ones in his head, and of the other one of the ascending and shaking off the former three, that horn in which the eyes and mouth spoke great things, and the sight of it was greater than the rest, 21I viewed, and that horn made war with the holy ones, and prevailed against them, 22until of which time [4came 1the 2old one 3of days], and [2judgment 1gave] to holy ones of the highest. And the time came, and [4of the 5kingdom 3took control 1the 2holy ones]. 23And he said, The [2wild beast 1fourth 5kingdom 4a fourth 3will be] on the earth, which shall excel all the kingdoms, and shall devour all the earth, and shall trample upon it and cut it in pieces. 24And the ten horns of it are ten kings, and they shall rise up. And after them shall rise up another who shall overwhelm all the ones prior, and three kings he shall humble, 25and words against the highest he shall speak, and the holy ones of the highest he shall mislead, and shall be of the opinion to change times and law. And it shall be granted in his hand until a time and times and half a time. 26And the judgment seat he shall set, and the rule shall change over to remove it from view, and to destroy it until the end. 27And the kingdom, and the authority, and the greatness of the kings underneath all the heaven was given to holy ones of the highest. And his kingdom [2kingdom 1is an eternal], and all the sovereignties [4him 1shall serve 2and 3obey]. 28Unto here is the end of the matter. I Daniel, very much the thoughts of mine disturbed me, and my appearance changed upon me, and the matter [2in 3my heart 1I preserved].
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