Daniel 8


Daniel's Vision of the Ram

1In [2year 1the third] of the kingdom of Belshazzar the king, a vision appeared to me, I Daniel, after the appearing to me the beginning. 2And I was in Sushan in the palace, the one which is in the region of Elam; and I saw in a vision, and I was upon the Ulai. 3And I lifted my eyes and looked. And behold, [2ram 1one] standing before the Ubal; and there was to him horns, and the horns were high; and the one was higher than the other, and the high one ascended up last. 4And I beheld the ram butting towards the west, and the north, and the south; and all the wild beasts shall not stand before him, and there was no one rescuing from out of his hand; and he did according to his will, and he was magnified.

The He-goat

5And I was perceiving. And behold, a he-goat of the goats came from the southwest upon the face of all the earth, and was not touching the earth. And to the he-goat was a horn which may be viewed between his eyes. 6And he came unto the ram, the one [2the 3horns 1having], which I beheld standing before the Ubal, and it ran against him with the thrust of his strength. 7And I beheld him anticipating unto the ram, and he was furiously enraged against him, and he hit the ram, and he broke both of his horns; and there was no strength to the ram to stand before him; and he tossed him upon the ground, and trampled upon him, and there was not one rescuing the ram from out of his hand. 8And the he-goat of the goats was magnified even unto exceedingly. And in his being strong [4was broken 3horn 1his 2great], and there ascended another [2horns 1four] underneath him unto the four winds of the heaven. 9And from out of the one of them came forth [3horn 1one 2strong], and was magnified extremely towards the south, and towards the east, and towards the setting of the sun. 10And it was magnified unto the force of the heaven; and it fell upon the earth from the force of the of heaven, and from the stars, and he trampled upon them. 11And unto the commander-in-chief he was magnified, and through him the sacrifice was disturbed, and the holy place shall be made desolate. 12And [2was given 3for 4the 5sacrifice 1a sin offering], and [2was tossed 3onto the ground 1righteousness]; and he performed and was prospered. 13And I heard one holy one speaking. And [3said 1one 2holy one] to the Phelmouni, to the one speaking, For how long shall the vision stand, [3the 4sacrifice 1the 2taking away], and [3the 4sin 5of desolation 1the 2granting], and the holy place and the force shall be trampled upon? 14And he said to him, Unto evening and morning [3days 1two thousand 2three hundred], and [3shall be cleansed 1the 2holy place]. 15And it came to pass in my beholding, I Daniel, the vision, and I sought understanding. And behold, there stood before me as an appearance of a man.

Gabriel Brings Understanding to Daniel

16And I heard the voice of a man in the midst of the Ulai. And he called, and said, Gabriel, bring understanding [3for that one 1the 2vision]! 17And he came and stood next to my position. And in his coming I was distraught, and I fell upon my face. And he said to me, Take notice, O son of man! [4is still 1for 5for 7time 6end 2the 3vision]. 18And in his speaking with me, I fell upon my face unto the earth. And he touched me, and he stood me upon my feet. 19And he said, Behold, I make known to you the things being at the last of the wrath, for it is yet for [2of time 1end]. 20The ram which you beheld, the one having the horns, is the king of the Medes and Persians. 21And the he-goat of the goats is the king of the Greeks, and the [2horn 1great], the one that was in between his eyes, he is the [2king 1foremost]. 22And of the one being broken, of which [3stood 1four 2horns] underneath -- four kings from out of his nation shall rise up, and not in his strength. 23And at the last of their kingdom, being full of the sins, shall rise up a king with an impudent face, and perceiving riddles. 24And [2is fortified 1his strength], and not by his strength. And wonderfully he shall corrupt, and shall prosper, and shall perform, and shall corrupt strong ones, and [2people 1a holy]. 25And the yoke of the collar shall prosper; treachery in his hand, and [2in 3his heart 1he shall magnify himself], and by treachery he shall corrupt many, and for a destruction of many he shall establish himself; and as eggs in a hand he shall break. 26And the vision of the evening and of the morning of the thing being spoken -- it is true. And you set a seal upon the vision, for it is for many days! 27And I Daniel went to bed, and I was infirm for days. And I rose up and I did the works of the king; and I wondered at the vision, and there was no one perceiving.
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