Deuteronomy 13


Concerning Prophets

1And if there should rise up among you a prophet or one dreaming dreams, and he should give to you a sign or miracle, 2and it should come to pass -- the sign or the miracle which he spoke to you, saying, We should go and serve other gods who we do not know. 3You shall not hearken to the words of that prophet, or the one dreaming that dream; for [3tests 1the  lord 2your God] you, to know, if you love the  lord your God from [2entire 3heart 1your] and from [2entire 3soul 1your]. 4[2after 3the  lord 4your God 1You shall go], and him you shall fear, and his commandments you shall keep, and his voice you shall hearken to, and to him you shall serve, and to him you shall be added to. 5And that prophet, or [3the 4dream 2dreaming 1that one] shall die; for he spoke to cause you to wander from the  lord your God (the one leading you from the land of Egypt, ransoming you from slavery) to push you from the way of which [3gave charge 4to you 1the  lord 2your God] to go by it. And you shall remove [2wicked thing 3from 4you 1their].

The Abomination of Serving Other Gods

6But if there should enjoin you, your brother from your father, or from your mother, or of your son, or of your daughter, or of your wife, or one in your bosom, or [3friend 1your 2equal] to your soul, in private saying, We should go and should serve other gods which neither [4know 1you 2nor 3your fathers], 7of the gods of the nations surrounding you, of the ones near to you, or of the ones far from you, from the uttermost part of the earth, unto the uttermost part of the earth; 8you shall not acquiesce to him, and you shall not hear him, and you shall not spare your eye upon him, and you shall not show mercy upon him, nor shall you shelter him. 9Announcing, you shall announce concerning him, and your hand shall be upon him as first to kill him, and the hand of all the people upon him last. 10And they shall throw stones at him with stones, and he shall die; for he sought to abstain you from the  lord your God, the one leading you from the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery. 11And all Israel hearing, shall fear, and shall not add to do again according to [2matter 1this wicked] among you. 12And if it should be heard in one of your cities, which the  lord your God gives to you for you to dwell there, saying, 13[3came forth 1Men 2lawbreakers] from you, and left all the ones dwelling in their city, saying, We should go and serve other gods, which you did not know; 14then you shall examine, and shall ask, and shall search exceedingly; and behold, [4true 3be clearly 1if the 2word 7has taken place 6abomination 5that this] among you; 15then by doing away with, you shall do away with all the ones dwelling in that city by carnage of the sword; under anathema you shall devote it to consumption, and all the things in it, and all its cattle by the mouth of the sword. 16And all its spoils you shall bring together into its corridors, and you shall burn the city by fire, and all its spoils in full assembly before the  lord your God; and it shall be uninhabited into the eon; it shall not be rebuilt again. 17And you shall not cleave to anything of that being offered up for consumption as anathema in your hand so that the  lord should be turned away from the rage of his anger, and should grant to you mercy, and should show mercy on you, and should multiply you in which manner the  lord swore by an oath to your fathers; 18if you should hearken to the voice of the  lord your God, to guard all his commandments, which I give charge to you today, to do the good and the pleasing thing before the  lord your God.
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