Deuteronomy 15


Release of Loans

For seven years you shall make a release. And thus is the order of the release. You shall cancel every [2loan 1private], the one which [3owes 4to you 1your 2neighbor]. And [3of your brother 1you shall not 2exact payment], for it has been called a release to the  lord your God. The alien -- you shall exact as much as might be due you from him; but [3for your brother 2a release 1you shall make] of your loan. For there shall not be among you one lacking; for by a blessing [3shall bless 4you 1the  lord 2your God] in the land which the  lord your God gives to you by lot to inherit it. But if in hearing you should hearken to the voice of the  lord your God, to guard and to do all these commandments which I give charge to you today, for the  lord your God blessed you in which manner he spoke to you; then you shall lend [2nations 1to many], but you shall not borrow; and you shall control [2nations 1many], but of you they shall not control.

Care for the Brethren

And if there should be among you one lacking from your brethren in one of your cities in the land which the  lord your God gives to you, you shall not disregard your heart, nor in any way close your hand from your brother -- the one wanting. In opening, you shall open your hands to him, and [2a loan 1you shall lend] to him as much as he wants, and according to as much as he lacks. Take heed to yourself! there be not [2thing 1a hidden] in your heart, a violation of the law, saying, [4approaches 1The 3year 2seventh], the year of the release; and [2should be wicked 1your eye] towards your brother that is wanting, that you should not give to him; and he shall call to aid against you to the  lord, and there shall be in you [2sin 1a great]. 10 Giving, you shall give to him, and [3a loan 1you shall lend 2to him] as much as he wants of you. And you shall not fret in your heart of your giving to him, for on account of this matter [3will bless 4you 1the  lord 2your God] in all your works, and in all things of which ever you should put your hand to. 11 For in no way should [2fail 1the one lacking] from your land. Because of this I give charge to you to do this thing, saying, In opening, you shall open your hands to [3brother 1your 2needy], and to the one wanting upon your land. 12 And if [3should be sold 4to you 1your brother 2a Hebrew man], or the Hebrew woman, he shall serve to you six years, and the seventh you shall send him free from you. 13 And whenever you should send him free from you, you shall not send him empty. 14 With supplies you shall provide him from your sheep, and from your grain, and from your wine vat. As [3blessed 4you 1the  lord 2your God] you shall give to him. 15 And you shall remember that you were a servant in the land of Egypt, and [3ransomed 4you 1the  lord 2your God] from there. On account of this I give charge to you to do this thing. 16 But if he should say to you, I shall not go forth from you, for he loves you, and your house, for it is good to him to be by you; 17 then you shall take the shoemaker's awl, and make a hole in his ear against the door, and he will be to you a servant into the eon. And of your maidservant you shall do likewise. 18 [2not 4hard 1It shall 3be] before you sending them free from you, for the yearly wage of the hireling -- he served to you six years. And [3shall bless 4you 1the  lord 2your God] in all what ever you should do. 19 Every first-born which ever should give birth among your oxen, and among your sheep, [2the 3males 1you shall sanctify] to the  lord your God. You shall not work with [2first-born 3calf 1your], and in no way should you shear the first-born of your sheep. 20 Before the  lord your God you shall eat it year by year, in the place in which ever [3should choose 1the  lord 2your God] -- you and your house. 21 And if there might be in it a blemish -- lame or blind, or even any [2blemish 1severe], you shall not sacrifice it to the  lord your God. 22 In your cities you shall eat it. The unclean in you and the clean likewise shall eat as the doe or stag. 23 Except its blood you shall not eat; [3upon 4the 5ground 1you shall pour 2it] as water.
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