Deuteronomy 17


Concerning Judicial Judgments

1You shall not sacrifice to the  lord your God a calf or sheep in which there is in it a blemish, any thing in a sorry state, for [2an abomination 3to the  lord 4your God 1it is]. 2But if there should be among you, in one of your cities which the  lord your God gives to you, a man or woman who shall do the wicked thing before the  lord your God, to pass by his covenant, 3and going forth should serve other gods, and should do obeisance to them -- to the sun, or the moon, or to any of the ones of the cosmos of the heaven, which I assigned not; 4and it should be announced to you, and you heard, and you sought exceedingly, and behold, if truly [3has happened 1the 2thing] [2came to pass 1that this abomination] in Israel; 5then you shall lead out that man or that woman, (the ones who made [2order 1this wicked],) unto the gate. And you shall stone them with stones, and they shall come to an end. 6By two witnesses or three witnesses one shall die. The one dying shall not die by one witness. 7And the hand of the witnesses shall be upon him among the first to put him to death, and the hand of all of the people upon him last. And you shall lift away the wicked thing [2from 3you 1of them]. 8But if [4should be powerless 5for 6you to decide 1a matter 2in 3a judgment], between blood and blood, and between judgment and judgment, and between blow and blow, and between dispute and dispute, for matters of judgment in your cities; then rising up you shall ascend unto the place which ever [3should choose 1the  lord 2your God 5to be called upon 4for his name] there. 9And you shall come to the priests of the Levites, and to the judge, who ever happens to be in those days; and seeking after the matter they shall announce to you the judgment. 10And you shall do according to the thing, which ever they should announce to you from the place of which ever [3should choose 1the  lord 2your God]. And you shall guard exceedingly to do according to all as much as the law should be established to you. 11According to the law, and according to the judgment, which ever they should tell to you, thus you shall do it. You shall not turn aside from the matter of which ever they should announce to you, right nor left. 12And the man who ever should do in pride to not obey the priest standing beside to officiate in the name of the  lord your God, or the judge who ever should be in those days, then [2shall die 1that man], and you shall lift away the wicked one from out of Israel. 13And all the people hearing shall fear, and shall not be impious any more.

Concerning Rulers

14And whenever you should enter into the land which the  lord your God gives to you by lot, and you should inherit it, and should dwell upon it, and you should say, I shall place over myself a ruler, as also the rest of the nations round about me; 15then in placing, you shall place over yourself a ruler, which ever [3should choose 1the  lord 2your God] -- him from out of your brethren you shall place over yourself as ruler. You shall not be able to place over yourself [2man 1an alien], for [2not 3your brother 1he is]. 16Furthermore he shall not multiply to himself a cavalry, nor shall he return the people to Egypt, so that he should not multiply to himself a cavalry. For the  lord said to you, You shall not add to return this way any more. 17And he shall not multiply to himself wives, that he shall not change over his heart. And silver and gold he shall not multiply to himself exceedingly. 18And it will be whenever he shall be settled in the chair of his office, then he shall write for himself this second book of the law into a scroll by the hands of the priests of the Levites. 19And it shall be with him, and he shall read in it all the days of his life; that he should learn to fear the  lord his God, to guard all these commandments, and [2these ordinances 1to do]; 20that [2should not 3be raised up high 1his heart] above his brethren; that he should not transgress from the commandments, right or left; so that he should be a long time in his office -- he and his sons among the sons of Israel.
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