Deuteronomy 19


Cities of Refuge

1But whenever [3should remove from view 1the  lord 2your God] the nations which your God gives to you of their land, and you should inherit them, and should dwell in their cities, and in their houses; 2[3three 4cities 1you shall draw apart 2to yourself] in the midst of your land, which the  lord your God gives to you. 3Take thought to yourself of the way, and you shall make three parts the boundaries of your land which [3divides 4to you 1the  lord 2your God], and it will be there for a refuge to every man-slayer. 4And this will be the order for the man-slayer, who ever should flee there, and shall live -- who ever should strike his neighbor unintentionally, and this one was not detesting him before yesterday and before the third day. 5And who ever should enter with the neighbor into the oak grove to bring wood, and [2was knocked back 1his hand] with the axe while felling the wood, and [3in falling off 1the 2iron implement] from the wood handle should happen by chance to strike the neighbor, and he should die; this one shall take refuge in one of these cities, and shall live. 6 Lest [4pursue 1the one 2acting as next of kin 3for blood] after the man-slayer, because [2is overheated 1his heart], and overtakes him, if it might be a longer way, and he strikes his life and he should die. And [4to this man 1there is no 2judgment 3of death], for [2not 3detesting 1he was] him before yesterday and before the third day. 7Because of this I give charge to you this thing, saying, Three cities you shall draw apart to yourself. 8And if [3should widen 1the  lord 2your God] your borders, in which manner he swore by an oath to your fathers, and [2should give 3to you 1the  lord] all the land which he said he would give to your fathers; 9if you should listen to do all these commandments which I give charge to you today, to love the  lord your God, to go in all his ways all the days; then you shall add to yourself again three cities to these three. 10And [3shall not 4be poured out 1the blood 2of the innocent] in the land which the  lord your God gives to you by lot, and there will not be among you blood liability. 11But if there should be a man detesting his neighbor, and he shall lie in wait for him, and should rise up against him, and should strike his life, and he should die, and he should flee into one of these cities; 12then they shall send the council of elders of his city, and they shall take him from there, and shall deliver him into the hands to the one acting as next of kin for blood, and he shall die. 13You shall not spare your eye for him, and you shall cleanse the blood for the innocent from out of Israel, and [2good 3to you 1it will be]. 14You shall not move the boundaries of your neighbor, which they established, the ones prior of you among your inheritance, which you inherited in the land, which the  lord your God gives to you by lot.

Concerning Witnesses

15You shall not adhere to [2witness 1one] in witnessing against a man for any injustice, and for any sin, and for any sin which ever he should have sinned. By the mouth of two witnesses, and by the mouth of three witnesses [3shall be established 1every 2word]. 16And if [3should stand 2witness 1an unjust] against a man alleging his impiety; 17then [4shall stand 1the 2two 3men], in which [3is 4with them 1the 2dispute], before the  lord, and before the priests, and before the judges -- the ones as might be in those days. 18And [3should inquire 1the 2judges] exactly. And behold, [2witness 1if an unjust] witnessed unjustly, and stood against his brother, 19then you shall do to him in which manner he devised wickedly to do against his brother, and you shall lift away the wicked from yourselves. 20And the rest hearing shall fear, and they shall not add again to do according to [2thing 1this wicked] among you. 21[2shall not 3spare 1Your eye] him; life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot; in so far as any should give a blemish to the neighbor, thus you shall give to him.
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