Deuteronomy 2


Inheritance of the Land

1And turning we departed into the wilderness by way [2sea 1of the red], in which manner the  lord spoke to me. And we encircled mount Seir [2days 1many]. 2And the  lord said to me, 3[4is enough 1Your 2encircling 3this mountain]; turn then towards the north!

Mount Seir Given to Esau

4And [2to the 3people 1you give charge], saying, You go through the borders of your brethren, the sons of Esau, the ones dwelling in Seir! And they shall fear you, and shall be [2cautious 3of you 1exceedingly]. 5You shall not join against them for war, for not in any way will I give to you of their land, nor a stool for your foot; for by lot I have given to Esau mount Seir. 6With silver [2foods 1buy] from them and eat, and [3water 2measured out 1you shall receive] from them by silver, and you shall drink. 7 For the  lord your God blessed you in every work of your hands. Determine how you went through [5wilderness 2great 3and 4dreadful 1that]! Behold, forty years the  lord your God was with you; you did not want of a thing. 8And we went by our brethren the sons of Esau, the ones dwelling in Seir, by the way of the wilderness from Aelon, and from Ezion Gaber; and turning we went by the way of the wilderness of Moab.

Moab Becomes Lot's Inheritance

9And the  lord said to me, Do not hate the Moabites, and do not join together against them in war! for in no way will I give to you of their land. [4by 5lot 1For 6to the sons 7of Lot 2I have given 3Aroer] to inherit. 10The Emim prior laid in wait upon it, [4nation 1a great 2and 3populous], and strong, as the Anakim. 11[4of the Raphaim 3shall be considered 1And 2these] as also the Anakim; and the Moabites named them Emim. 12And in Seir [3laid in wait 1the 2Horite] the former one; and the sons of Esau destroyed them, and obliterated them from their face; and they settled in place of them in which manner Israel did to the land of his inheritance, which the  lord gave to them. 13Now then, I said, Rise up, and depart, and come near the ravine of Zared! And we went by the ravine of Zared. 14And the days which we passed from Kadesh Barnea until of which time we went by the ravine of Zared was thirty eight years, until of which time [6perished 1all 2the 3generation 4of men 5of war], dying from the camp, as [3swore by an oath 1the  lord 2God] to them. 15And the hand of God was upon them, to completely consume them from out of the midst of the camp, until they perished. 16And it came to pass, as soon as [4fell 1all 2the ones 3dying], men warriors, from out of the midst of the people, 17that the  lord spoke to me, saying, 18You shall pass over today the borders of Moab -- the Aroer. 19And you shall lead near the sons of Ammon. Do not hate them, nor join against them in war! for I will not give from the land of the sons of Ammon to you by lot, for to the sons of Lot I have given it by lot.

Anakim and Raphaim

20[2land 3of Raphaim 1It shall be considered], for even upon it [4dwelt 1the 2Raphaim 3formerly]. And the Ammonites named them Zummim, 21[4nation 1a great 2and 3populous], and mightier than you, as also the Anakim; and [2destroyed 3them 1the  lord] before their face, and they inherited them; and they were settled there in place of them until this day, 22even as they did inherit the sons of Esau, the ones dwelling in Seir, in which manner he obliterated the Horite from their face; and they inherited them, and they were settled in place of them until this day. 23And the Hivites dwelling in Aseroth unto Gaza, and the Cappadocians coming forth from out of Cappadocia, obliterated them, and were settled in place of them. 24Now then, rise up and depart and go by the ravine of Arnon! Behold, I have delivered up into your hands Sihon king of Heshbon the Amorite and his land. Commence to inherit it! Join against him in war! 25On this day commence to give the trembling of you and the fear of you upon the face of all the nations of the ones underneath the heaven! Whoever hearing your name shall be disturbed, and [2pangs of anguish 1shall have] before your face. 26And I sent ambassadors from the wilderness of Kedemoth to Sihon king of Heshbon [2words 1with peaceable], saying, 27I will go through your land; in the journey I will go -- I will not turn aside right nor left. 28[3foods 4for silver 1You shall give 2to me], and I shall eat; and [2water 4for silver 1you shall give 3to me], and I shall drink; only that I shall go by on the feet, 29as [7did 8to me 1the 2sons 3of Esau 4dwelling 5in 6Seir], and the Moabites, the ones dwelling in Ar, until whenever I should go by the Jordan into the land which the  lord our God gives us. 30And [4did not 5want 1Sihon 2king 3of Heshbon] us to go by through his land, for [3hardened 1the  lord 2our God] his spirit, and strengthened his heart, that he should be delivered up into your hands, as in this day. 31And the  lord said to me, Behold, I have begun to deliver up before your face Sihon king of Heshbon the Amorite, and his land. Commence to inherit his land! 32And came forth Sihon king of Heshbon to meet us, he and all his people, for war at Jahaz. 33And [3delivered 4him 1the  lord 2our God] before our face, into our hands; and we struck him, and his sons, and all his people. 34And we held all his cities in that time. And we utterly destroyed every city; next also their women, and their children we did not leave behind for taking alive. 35Except the cattle we despoiled for ourselves. And the spoils from the cities we took, 36from Aroer, which is by the bank of the rushing stream Arnon, and the city being in the ravine, and unto mount Gilead. There was not a city which evaded us; [3delivered up all 1the  lord 2our God] into our hands. 37Except in the land of the sons of Ammon we did not draw near, all the parts falling in with the stream Jabbok, and the cities, the ones in the mountainous area, in so far as [3gave charge 4to us 1the  lord 2our God].
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