Deuteronomy 22


Social and Domestic Laws

1In beholding the calf of your brother or of his sheep wandering in the way, do not overlook them; by returning you shall return them to your brother, and you shall give them back to him. 2And if [2is not 3near 1your brother] to you, nor do you know him, you shall bring them inside into your house; and it shall be with you until whenever [2should seek 3them 1your brother], and you shall give them back to him. 3So shall you do for his donkey, and so you shall do for his garment, and so you shall do according to all loss of your brother; as much as should perish of his, and you should find them, you shall not be able to overlook. 4You shall not see the donkey of your brother, or his calf fallen in the way, and not overlook them; by raising you shall raise them up for him. 5[3shall not 4be 1The items 2of a man] upon a woman, nor should [2put on 1a man 4apparel 3feminine], for [5an abomination 6to the  lord 7your God 4is 1every one 2doing 3these things]. 6And if you should meet with a nest of birds before your face in the way, or upon any tree, or upon the ground -- young chicks or eggs, and the mother should be incubating upon the young, or upon the eggs, you shall not take the mother with the offspring. 7By discharge you shall send off the mother, but the offspring you shall take to yourself; that [2good 3for you 1it should be], and [2of many days 1you shall be]. 8And if you should build [2house 1a new], then you shall make a rim for your roof, and you will not cause carnage in your house if should fall one falling from it. 9You shall not scatter abroad your vineyard diverse seed, that [3should not 4be sanctified 1the 2produce], and the seed which ever you should sow with the produce of your vineyard. 10You shall not plow with a calf and donkey upon the same yoke. 11You shall not put on commingled wool and flax upon the same garment. 12A twisted fringe you shall make for yourself upon the four decorative hems of your wrap-around garments, which ever you should put around yourself by them. 13And if any should take a wife, and should live with her, and should detest her, 14and should place upon her [2offered as an excuse 1words], and should bring upon her [2name 1a bad], and should say, [3woman 2this 1I took], and drawing near to her, I did not find her tokens of virginity. 15And taking, the father of the child and the mother, they shall bring forth the tokens of the virginity of the child to the council of elders at the gate. 16And [5shall say 1the 2father 3of the 4child] to the council of elders, [2daughter 3of mine 1This] I gave to this man as wife, and he is detesting her. 17He now places upon her [2offered as an excuse 1words], saying, I did not find [2of your daughter 1tokens of virginity]; and these are the tokens of virginity of my daughter. And they shall unfold the garment worn by her before the council of elders of the city. 18And [4shall take 1the 2council of elders 3of that city] that man, and they shall correct him, 19and shall penalize him a hundred shekels, and shall give them to the father of the young woman, because he brought [2name 1a bad] upon an Israelite virgin, and she shall be his wife; he shall not be able to send her away at any time. 20But if in truth [2be 1this word], and [2should not 3be found 1tokens of virginity] to the young woman; 21then they shall lead the young woman unto the doors [2house 1of her father's], and [4shall stone 5her 6with stones 1the 2men 3of her city], and she shall die; for she did folly among the sons of Israel, to fornicate the house of her father. And you shall lift away the wicked from yourselves of them. 22And if [2should be found 1a man] going to bed with a wife living with a husband, you shall kill both, the man going to bed with the wife, and the wife; and you shall lift away the wickedness from Israel. 23And if there be [2child 1a virgin] being espoused to a man, and [2finding 3her 1a man] in the city should have gone to bed with her; 24you shall lead out both unto the gate of their city, and they shall be stoned with stones, and they shall die; the young woman, for she did not yell out in the city; and the man, for he humbled the wife of his neighbor; and you shall lift away the evil from yourselves of them. 25But if in a plain [2should find 1a man] a girl, being espoused; and using force should go to bed with her, you shall kill the man, the one going to bed with her only; 26for the young woman shall not do anything, there is no [3to the 4young woman 1sin 2worthy of death]. For as if any [2should rise up 1man] against his neighbor, and should do murder taking his life, thus this thing, 27for in the field he found her; [4yelled 1the 2young woman 3being espoused], and was there no one helping her. 28And if any should find the [2child 1virgin], whoever was not espoused, and using force on her, he went to bed with her, and he should be found, 29[6shall give 1the 2man 3going to bed 4with 5her] to the father of the young woman fifty double-drachmas of silver, and she will be his wife, because he humbled her; he will not be able to send her away at any time. 30[2shall not 3take 1A man] the wife of his father, and shall not uncover the marriage veil of his father.
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