Deuteronomy 32


The Ode of Moses

1Take heed, O heaven! and I will speak. And hear, O earth, the discourses from out of my mouth! 2Expect as the rain my maxims, and let [2go down 3as 4dew 1my discourses], as a heavy shower upon wild grass, and as snowflakes upon grass! 3For [2the 3name 4of the  lord 1I called]. Give greatness to our God! 4God, [2are true 1his works], and all his ways are equity. God is trustworthy, and there is no injustice in him; just and sacred is the  lord. 5They sinned -- they are not his children; they are a scoffing -- [2generation 1a crooked], and one turning aside. 6[2these things 3to the  lord 1Do you recompense] thus, O people, moronish and not wise? Did not he, this your father, acquire you, and make you, and shape you? 7Remember the days of the eon! Perceive indeed the years of the generations of generations! Ask your father, and he will announce to you; your elders, and they shall speak to you. 8When [3divided 5into parts 1the 2highest 4nations], as he disseminated the sons of Adam, he set the borders of nations according to the number of the angels of God; 9and [3became 4a portion 5for the  lord 1his people 2Jacob]. [2is a piece of measured out land 3of his inheritance 1Israel]. 10He sufficed him in [2land 1a wilderness], in thirst of sweltering heat in [2land 1a waterless]. He encircled him, and corrected him, and guarded him as a pupil of an eye. 11As an eagle sheltering his nest, [2and 3over 4his young 1he longs after]. Thrusting out his wings he receives them; and he takes them upon his upper back. 12The  lord alone led them, and there was not with them an alien god. 13He brought them unto the strength of the land. He fed them produce of fields. They nursed honey out of the rock, and olive oil out of the solid rock. 14Butter of oxen, and milk of sheep, with fat of lambs and rams, offspring of bulls and he-goats, with fat of kidneys of wheat, and [3the blood 4of the grape 1they drank 2wine]. 15And Jacob ate and was filled up, and [3kicked up 1the 2one being loved]; he was fattened, he was thickened, he was widened, and he abandoned God the one making him; and he left from God his deliverer. 16They provoked me over the alien ones; in their abominations they greatly embittered me. 17They sacrificed to demons, and not to God -- to gods in whom they did not know; new and newly made gods have come, in whom [2knew not 1their fathers]. 18God, the one creating you, you abandoned; and you forgot God the one maintaining you. 19And the  lord beheld, and was jealous; and he was provoked to anger by their sons and daughters. 20And he said, I will turn away my face from them, and I will show what will be to them at the last times, for [2a generation 3being distorted 1it is]; sons in whom there is no belief in them. 21They provoked me to jealousy over that which is not god; they provoked me to anger with their idols. And I shall provoke them to jealousy over that which is not a nation. Over [2nation 1a senseless] I will provoke them to anger. 22For a fire burns away of my rage; it shall be burned unto [2Hades 1lower]; it shall devour the land, and its produce; it shall blaze on the foundations of mountains. 23I bring together to them bad things; and by my arrows I will finish with them; 24melting them away in hunger, and being food of fowls, and [2convulsion 1incurable]. The teeth of wild beasts I will send as a successor to them, with rage dragging them upon the ground. 25From outside [2shall make them childless 1the sword], and from out of the inner chambers fear; the young man with the virgin, the one nursing being placed with the old man. 26I said, I will disperse them, and I will cause [2to cease 3from among 4men 1their memorial]. 27Unless they should say it was on account of the anger of the enemies, that in no way should they live a long time, and that in no way [2join in making an attack 1their opponents], lest they should say, [3hand 1Our 2high], and not the  lord did all these things. 28For [2a nation 3destroying 4counsel 1it is], and there is no [2in 3them 1higher knowledge]. 29They did not think to perceive; let them appreciate in the coming time. 30How shall [2pursue 1one] thousands, and two rout ten thousands, unless God rendered them up, and the  lord delivered them up? 31For [2are not 3as 4our God 1their gods], but our enemies are unthinking. 32For of the grapevine of Sodom is their grapevine, and their small vine branch is of Gomorrah; their grape is the grape of bile, their cluster is bitterness to them. 33The rage of serpents is their wine, and [2rage 3of asps 1the incurable]. 34Behold, are not these things brought together by me, and a set seal among my treasures? 35In the day of punishment I shall recompense, in a time whenever [2should trip 1their foot]; for [3is near 1the day 2of their destruction], and at hand prepared for you. 36For the  lord judges his people, and over his menservants he shall be comforted. For he beheld their being disabled, and failing in the hostile invasion, and were weakened. 37And the  lord said, Where are their gods upon whom they yielded upon them? 38Of whom the fat of their sacrifices you ate, and drank the wine of their libations? Let them rise up and help you, and be your shelterer! 39Behold! behold that I am! and there is no God besides me. I shall kill, and [2to live 1I shall make]. I shall strike, and I will heal. And there is not one who shall rescue from out of my hands. 40For I shall lift into the heaven my hand, and I shall swear by an oath by my right hand. And I will say, I live into the eon. 41For I will sharpen [2as 3lightning 1my sword], and [2will hold to 3equity 1my hand]. And I will recompense punishment against the enemies; and against the ones detesting me I will recompense. 42I shall intoxicate my arrows of blood, and my sword shall devour meats from the blood of the slain, and from the captivity of the heads of the rulers of the enemies. 43Be glad, O heavens, together with him! and do obeisance to him, all angels of God! Be glad, O nations, with his people! And grow in strength in him all, O sons of God! For the blood of his sons he shall avenge, and he shall avenge and recompense punishment to the enemies. And to the ones detesting him he will recompense, and the  lord shall clear out the land for his people. 44And Moses wrote this ode in that day. And he taught it to the sons of Israel. And Moses approached and spoke all the words of this law into the ears of the people, he and Joshua the son of Nun. 45And Moses completed speaking these words to all Israel. 46And he said to them, You take heed in your heart over all these words which I testify to you today, which you shall charge to your sons, to guard and to do all the words of this law! 47For [2is not 4word 3an empty 1this] for you, for this is your life. And because of this word you shall prolong your days upon the land into which you pass over the Jordan there to inherit it. 48And the  lord spoke to Moses in this day, saying, 49Ascend into the mountain Abarim, this mountain Nebo! which is in the land of Moab, against the face of Jericho. And behold the land of Canaan! which I give to the sons of Israel for a possession. 50And come to an end in the mountain into which you ascend there! And be added to your people! in which manner [3died 1Aaron 2your brother] in Hor the mountain, and was added to his people. 51Because you resisted persuasion of my word, among the sons of Israel at the water of dispute, Kadesh, in the wilderness of Sin; because you did not sanctify me among the sons of Israel. 52For [4before you 1you shall see 2the 3land], and [2there 1you shall not enter], into the land which I give to the sons of Israel.
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