Deuteronomy 33


Moses Blesses Israel Before His Decease

1This is the blessing which [4blessed 1Moses 2the man 3of God] the sons of Israel before his decease. 2And he said, The  lord [2from out of 3Sinai 1is come], and he appeared upon Seir to us. And he hastened from out of mount Paran with myriads of Kadesh -- at his right were angels with him. 3And he spared his people, and all the ones being sanctified by your hands; these [2under 3you 1are]; and he received of his words 4the law which [2gave charge 3to us 1Moses], an inheritance of the congregation of Jacob. 5And he will be [2with 3the 4one being loved 1a ruler] being brought [2with rulers 3of peoples 1together] among tribes of Israel. 6Let Reuben live and not die! And let Simon be many in number! 7And this for Judah, Listen, O  lord, of the voice of Judah, and unto his people! may they enter in. His hands shall litigate for him; and [2a helper 3from 4his enemies 1you will be]. 8And to Levi he said, Give to Levi his manifestations and his truth to the [2man 1sacred], whom they tested him in Trial; they reviled him at Water of Dispute; 9the one saying to his father and to his mother, I have not seen you; and his brethren he did not recognize, and his sons he did not know. He guarded your oracles, and [2your covenant 1he observed]. 10They shall manifest your ordinances to Jacob, and your law to Israel. They shall place incense in the time of your anger always upon your altar. 11Bless, O  lord his strength! And the works of his hands receive! Break the loin [2having risen up against him 1of his enemies]! And the ones detesting him let them not rise up! 12And to Benjamin he said, One being loved by the  lord; he shall encamp being yielded, and God shadows over him all the days, and [2between 3his shoulders 1he rested]. 13And to Joseph he said, [2is of 3the blessing 4of the  lord 1His hand], of seasons of heaven, and of dew, and of the deeps of springs below, 14and according to the season of the offsprings [2of the sun 1of the circuits], and of the returns of the months; 15from the top [2mountains 1of ancient], and from the top [2hills 1of everlasting], 16and according to [3in season 2of the land 1the fullness], and the accepted things being seen in the bush -- may they come upon the head of Joseph, and upon the top being glorified among brethren. 17As a first-born bull is his beauty. Horns of a unicorn are his horns. With them [2nations 1he shall gore] together, even from the tip of the earth. These are the myriads of Ephraim, and these are the thousands of Manasseh. 18And to Zebulun he said, Be glad, O Zebulun, in your departure, and Issachar in your tents! 19[2nations 1They shall utterly destroy], and you shall call upon there, and you shall sacrifice a sacrifice of righteousness; for the riches of the sea shall nurse you, and market-places [2on the coast 1dwelling]. 20And to Gad he said, One being blessed, widening Gad. As a lion he rested, having broken the arm, and the ruler. 21And he beheld his first-fruit, for there [2was portioned 1the land] by rulers being brought together, heads of peoples; [3righteousness 1the  lord 2did], and his equity was with Israel. 22And to Dan he said, Dan, [2cub 1a lion], and he shall rush out from Bashan. 23And to Naphtali he said, Naphtali a fullness of acceptable things; and let him be filled with blessing from the  lord! [2the west 3and 4the south 1You shall inherit]. 24And to Asher he said, [2is one being blessed 3of 4children 1Asher]; and he will be acceptable to his brethren; he shall dip [2in 3olive oil 1his foot]; 25iron and brass [2his sandal 1will be]; and as your days so your strength. 26There is not any as the God of the one being loved. The one mounting upon the heaven is your helper, even the majestic one of the firmament. 27And [3shall shelter 4you 2of God 1the sovereignty], and that under the strength [2arms 1of everlasting]. And he shall cast out from your face the enemy, saying, May you perish. 28And Israel shall encamp alone complying; fountain of Jacob, with grain and wine; and the heaven [3on him 1covered with clouds 2in dew]. 29Blessed are you, O Israel. Who is likened to you, a people being delivered by the  lord? [2is the shield 1Your helper], and the sword of your boasting. And [2shall lie 3to you 1your enemies], and you [2upon 3their neck 1shall mount].
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