Deuteronomy 8


Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone

1All the commandments which I give charge to you today you shall guard to do, that you should live and manifoldly multiply, and should enter and should inherit the land which [2swore by an oath 1the  lord] to your fathers. 2And you shall remember the whole journey which [3led 4you 1the  lord 2your God] this fortieth year in the wilderness, how he should afflict you, and should test you, and should determine the things in your heart, if you shall guard his commandments or not. 3And he afflicted you, and caused you to hunger, and fed you the manna which [2had not 3known 1your fathers]; that he should announce to you that, [3not 5by 6bread 7alone 2shall 4live 1A man]; but by every word going forth through the mouth of God shall [2live 1a man]. 4 Your garments did not grow old from you; your feet were not calloused -- behold, for forty years. 5And you shall know in your heart, that as if any man should correct his son, so the  lord your God corrects you. 6And you shall guard the commandments of the  lord your God, to go in his ways, and to fear him. 7 For the  lord your God shall bring you into a land good and abundant, of which are rushing streams of waters, and springs of the deeps going forth through the plains, and through the mountains. 8A land of wheat, and barley, grapevines, fig-trees, pomegranates; a land of olive oil and honey. 9A land upon which [3without 4poorness 1you shall eat 2your bread], and you shall not be in want upon it. A land of which its stones are iron, and from out of its mountains you shall mine brass. 10And you shall eat and shall be filled up, and shall bless the  lord your God upon the [2land 1good] of which he has given to you.

Warnings in Forgetting The LORD

11Take heed to yourself! that you should not forget the  lord your God, so as to not guard his commandments, and his judgments, and his ordinances, as many as I give charge to you today; 12lest having eaten, and being filled up, and [3houses 2good 1having built], and dwelling in them, 13and your oxen, and your sheep having been multiplied to you, and silver and gold having been multiplied to you, and all as much as to you shall be multiplying, 14you should be raised up high in your heart, and should forget the  lord your God, the one leading you from the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery, 15the one leading you through the [4wilderness 1great 2and 3dreadful], that one of which is [2serpent 1the biting], and scorpion, and thirst, of which there was no water; the one leading to you [3from out of 5rock 4chiseled 1a spring 2of water]; 16the one feeding you the manna in the wilderness, which [2had not 3known 1you], and [2did not 3know 1your fathers]; that he should afflict you, and that he should put you to the test, and [2good 3unto you 1do] upon the last of your days; 17and lest you should say in your heart, My strength and the might of my hand produced to me [2ability 1this great]. 18And you shall remember the  lord your God, that he gives to you strength to produce the ability, that he should establish his covenant which he swore by an oath to your fathers as today. 19And it will be if in forgetfulness you should forget the  lord your God, and should go after other gods, and should serve to them, and should do obeisance to them, I testify to you today on both heaven and the earth that by destruction you shall be destroyed. 20As also the remaining nations, as many as the  lord destroys before your face, so shall you be destroyed; because you did not hearken to the voice of the  lord your God.
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