Deuteronomy 9


Israel Is Hardnecked

1Hear, O Israel! You pass over today the Jordan to enter to inherit [4nations 1great 2and 3stronger] than you; [4cities 1great 2and 3walled] unto the heaven; 2a people great and populous and tall -- sons of Anak whom you know, and you have heard said, Who can withstand against the face of the sons of Anak? 3And you shall know today that the  lord your God, he shall go forth before your face. [3fire 2a consuming 1He is]. He shall utterly destroy them, and he shall turn them away before your presence. And he shall utterly destroy them, and he will destroy them quickly, just as [2said 3to you 1the  lord]. 4You should not say in your heart by the complete consuming by the  lord your God of these nations before your face, saying, Because of my righteousness [2brought 3me 1the  lord] to inherit [2land 1this good]. But on account of the impiety of these nations [2will utterly destroy 3them 1the  lord] before your face. 5Not because of your righteousness, nor because of the sacredness of your heart do you enter to inherit their land. But because of the impiety of these nations the  lord shall utterly destroy them from your presence, and that he should establish the covenant which the  lord swore by an oath to your fathers -- to Abraham, and to Isaac, and to Jacob. 6And you shall know today that not through your works of righteousness the  lord your God gives to you [2land 1this good] to inherit; for [3people 2a hard-necked 1you are]. 7Remember! you should not forget as much as you provoked the  lord your God in the wilderness, from which day you came forth from the land of Egypt, until you came into this place, for by resisting persuasion you completed the things against the  lord. 8And in Horeb you provoked the  lord, and the  lord was enraged with you to utterly destroy you. 9Of my ascending into the mountain to take the tablets of stone, tablets of covenant of which the  lord ordained for you. And I was occupied in the mountain forty days and forty nights. [2bread 1I did not eat], and water I did not drink. 10And [2gave 3to me 1the  lord] the two tablets of stone, being written by the finger of God. And upon them he had written all the words, the ones which the  lord spoke to you in the mountain, from amidst the fire, in the day of assembly. 11And it came to pass through forty days and through forty nights, the  lord gave to me the two tablets of stone -- tablets of covenant. 12And the  lord said to me, Arise, go down quickly from here! for [2acted lawlessly 1your people], of whom you led out of the land of Egypt. They violated quickly from the way of which you gave charge to them; they made to themselves a molten casting. 13And the  lord said to me, saying, I have spoken to you once and twice, saying, I have seen this people; and, behold, [2people 1it is a hard-necked]. 14Allow me! to utterly destroy them, and I will wipe away their name from beneath the heaven. And I will make you into [4nation 1a great 2and 3strong], and more numerous rather than this one. 15And turning, I went down from the mountain, and the mountain burned fire. And the two tablets of the covenant were in [2two 3hands 1my]. 16And seeing that you sinned before the  lord your God, and made to yourselves a calf molten image, and transgressed quickly from the way which the  lord gave charge to you; 17that taking hold of the two tablets, I tossed them from [2two 3hands 1my], and I broke them before you. 18And I beseeched before the  lord a second time, as also even formerly, forty days and forty nights. Bread I did not eat, and water I did not drink, on account of all your sins which you sinned, to do the wicked thing before the  lord God, to provoke him. 19And I am frightened on account of the rage and the anger that the  lord was provoked by you to utterly destroy you. And the  lord hearkened to me even at that time. 20And upon Aaron the  lord was enraged exceedingly to utterly destroy him. And I made a vow also for Aaron in that time. 21And your sin which you made -- the calf; I took and I incinerated it in fire, and cut it down, and ground it down exceeding, until of which it became fine, and became as a cloud of dust. And I tossed the dust into the rushing stream, the one coming down from the mountain. 22And in Combustion, and in Test and in Tombs of the Desire, you were provoking the  lord your God. 23And when [2sent 3you 1the  lord] from Kadesh Barnea, saying, Ascend and inherit the land which I give to you! that you resisted persuasion in the word of the  lord your God, and did not trust him, and did not listen to his voice. 24You were resisting the things towards the  lord from which day he was made known to you. 25And I beseeched before the  lord forty days and forty nights. Many things I beseeched; [3said 1for 2the  lord] he would utterly destroy you. 26And I made a vow to God, and said, O Lord, the  lord, you should not utterly destroy your people, and your inheritance whom you ransomed in [3strength 1your 2great], of whom you led out of the land of Egypt by [3hand 1your 2fortified], and by [3arm 1your 2high]. 27Remember Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, your attendants! ones to whom you swore by an oath according to yourself. You should not look upon the hardness of this people, and upon their acts of impiety, and their sins; 28lest should say the ones dwelling the land from where you led us from there, saying, Because [2was not 3able 1the  lord] to bring them into the land which he said to them, and because of [2detesting 1the  lord] them, he led them in the wilderness to kill them. 29And these are your people and your inheritance, of whom you led out of the land of Egypt by [3strength 1your 2great] and by [3arm 1your 2high].
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