Deuteronomy 24


Social and Domestic Laws

1And if any take a woman and should live with her, and it shall be if she should not find favor before him, for he finds in her an indecent thing, then he shall write to her [2scroll 1a certificate of divorce], and he shall put it into her hands, and he shall send her from out of his house. 2And going forth, should she become [2man's wife 1another], 3and [4should detest 5her 3husband 1the 2last], and should write to her [2scroll 1certificate of divorce], and he should put it into her hands, and send her from out of his house; or [4should die 3husband 1her 2last] who took her to himself as wife; 4[6shall not be able 3husband 1the 2former 4sending 5her out] to return to take her to himself for a wife after her being defiled; for it is an abomination before the  lord your God, and you shall not defile the land which the  lord your God gives to you by lot. 5And if any should take a wife recently, he shall not go forth to war, and not [3shall be put upon 4him 1one 2thing] -- he shall be innocent in his house, [2year 1for one] he shall make glad his wife whom he took. 6You shall not take for security a millstone nor an upper millstone, for [3a life 1this one 2takes] for security. 7And if you should capture a man stealing the life of his brethren of the sons of Israel, and tyrannizing him to sell him; [3shall die 2thief 1that]; and you shall lift away the evil from yourselves of them. 8Take heed to yourself in the infection of leprosy! You shall guard exceedingly to do according to all the law which ever [5should announce 6to you 1the 2priests 3the 4Levites], in which manner I gave charge to you to guard to do. 9Remember as much as [3did 1the  lord 2your God] to Miriam! in the way of your going forth from Egypt. 10And if a debt might be owed by your neighbor, any debt whatsoever, you shall not enter into his house to take for security of his item for security. 11[2outside 1You shall stand], and the man of whom your debt is in, he shall bring forth to you the item of security outside. 12But if the man should be in need, you shall not go to bed with his item of security. 13By restitution you shall give back to him his item of security towards the descent of the sun, and he shall go to bed in his garment, and he will bless you; and it will be to you charity before the  lord your God. 14You shall not disregard the wage of the needy and one lacking from your brethren, or of the foreigners, of the ones in your cities. 15Daily you shall give him his wage, [3shall not 4set 1the 2sun] upon him, for he is needy, and in it he has hope; and he shall not yell out against you to the  lord, and thus it will be to you a sin. 16[2shall not 3die 1Fathers] for the children, and the sons shall not die for the fathers; each for his own sin shall die. 17You shall not turn aside a judgment of a foreigner, and an orphan, and a widow; and you shall not take for security a garment of a widow. 18And you shall remember that you were a servant in the land of Egypt, and [3ransomed 4you 1the  lord 2your God] from there. On account of this I give charge to you to do this thing. 19And if you should reap your harvest in your field, and you should forget a sheaf in your field, you shall not turn back to take it; for to the poor, and to the foreigner, and to the orphan, and to the widow it will be; that [3should bless 4you 1the  lord 2your God] in every work of your hands. 20And if one should pick olives, you shall not turn back to glean after you; [2to the 3foreigner 4and 5to the 6orphan 7and 8to the 9widow 1it shall be]. 21And whenever you should gather the vintage of your vineyard, you shall not glean the things after you; [2for the 3foreigner 4and 5the 6orphan 7and 8the 9widow 1it will be]. 22And you shall remember that you were a servant in the land of Egypt. On account of this I give charge to you to do this thing.
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