Deuteronomy 25


Social and Marital Laws

1And if there be a dispute between men, and they should come forward for judgment, and they should judge, and should do justice for the just, and should condemn the impious; 2then it will be if [4worthy 3might be 5of strokes 1the 2one being impious], they shall sit him before the judges, and they shall whip him before them according to his impiety. 3[4in number 3forty stripes 1They shall whip 2him], they shall not add more; but if he should add to whip him above these, by the strokes being more you shall be disgraced of your brother before you. 4You shall not muzzle an ox threshing. 5And if [2should dwell 1brethren] in the same place, and [4should die 1one 2of 3them], [4seed 1and 2there might not 3be] to him, [5shall not be 1the 2wife 3of the one 4having died] outside the husband's family not near. The brother of her husband shall enter to her, and he shall take her to himself as wife, and he shall live with her. 6And it will be, that the male child, who ever she should give birth to, shall be ordained from the name of the one coming to an end, and [2shall not 3be wiped away 1his name] from out of Israel. 7But if [3does not 4want 1the 2man] to take the wife of his brother; then [3shall ascend 1the 2woman] unto the gate to the council of elders, and shall say, [4does not 5want 1The 2brother 3of my husband] to raise up the name of his brother in Israel -- [4does not 5want to 1the 2brother 3of my husband]. 8And [4shall call 5him 1the 2council of elders 3of that city], and they shall speak to him. And standing, should he say, I am not willing to take her; 9then [4coming forward 1the 2wife 3of his brother] to him, before the council of elders, then shall untie his sandal, the one from his foot, and shall spit into his face; and responding she shall say, Thus shall they do to the man who shall not build the house of his brother. 10And [2shall be called 1his name] in Israel, House of the Untied Sandal. 11And if [3should do combat 1two 2men] at the same time -- a man against his brother; and should come forward the wife of one of them to rescue her husband from out of the hand of the one beating him, and stretching out her hand should take hold of his twins, 12you shall cut off her hand; [2shall not 3spare 1your eye] over her.

True and Just Weights

13There shall not be in your money bag a weight and a weight -- a great or small. 14There shall not be in your house a measure and a measure -- a great or a small. 15[6weight 3a true 4and 5just 1There shall be 2to you], and [6measure 3a true 4and 5just 1there shall be 2to you], that [2many days 1you should be] upon the land which the  lord your God gives to you by lot. 16For it is an abomination to the  lord your God every one doing these things -- every one doing unjustly. 17Remember as many things [2did 3to you 1Amalek] in the way of your going forth from Egypt! 18How he opposed you in the way, and beat your rear guard, the ones tiring in your rear, and you hungered and were tired. And he feared not God. 19And it will be when ever [3rests 4you 1the  lord 2your God] from all your enemies round about you in the land which the  lord your God gives to you by lot to inherit, you shall wipe away the name Amalek from under the heaven, and in no way should you forget.
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