Deuteronomy 4


Guard the Commandments

1And now, O Israel, hear the ordinances and the judgments! as many as I teach you today to do, that you should live and manifoldly multiply; and entering should be heir to the land which the  lord God of your fathers gives to you. 2You shall not add to the saying which I give charge to you, and you shall not remove from it. Guard the commandments of the  lord your God! as many as I give charge to you today. 3 Your eyes have seen all as many things as [3did 1the  lord 2our God] to Baal-peor. For every man whoever went after Baal-peor, [3obliterated 4him 1the  lord 2your God] from you. 4But you, the ones joining with the  lord your God, all live today. 5Behold! I have shown to you ordinances and judgments, as [3gave charge 4to me 1the  lord 2my God], to do thus for you in the land into which you enter there to inherit it. 6And you shall guard and shall do; for this is your wisdom and your understanding before all the nations, as many as should hear all these ordinances. Then they shall say, Behold, [6people 3is a wise 4and 5intelligent 2nation 1this great]. 7For what [2nation 1great] in which there is to it a God near to them as the  lord our God is in all things in which we should call upon him? 8And what [2nation 1great] in which there is to it [2ordinances 3and 4judgments 1just] according to all this law, which I give before you today?

Guard Your Life

9Take heed to yourself, and guard your life exceedingly! You should not forget all the words which [2have seen 1your eyes], and let them not leave from your heart all the days of your life! And instruct your sons and the sons of your sons! 10Specially the day which you stood in the presence of the  lord your God in Horeb, in the day of the assembly; for the  lord said to me, Hold an assembly to me, [3the 4people 1and 2let] hear my words! so that they should learn to fear me all the days which they live upon the earth, and that [2their sons 1they should have taught]. 11And you came forward and stood under the mountain; and the mountain burned fire unto the heaven -- darkness, dimness, and a storm. 12And the  lord spoke to you in the mountain from the midst of the fire. A voice of utterances you heard, and a representation you did not behold -- but only a voice. 13And he announced to you his covenant, which he gave charge to you to observe -- the ten discourses; and he wrote them upon two tablets of stone. 14And [2to me 1the  lord gave charge] in that time to teach you ordinances and judgments, for you to do them upon the land into which you enter there to inherit it.

A Warning to the Israelites

15And you shall guard exceedingly your lives, that you not behold any representation in the day in which the  lord spoke to you in Horeb in the mountain from the midst of the fire. 16Lest you should act lawlessly, and make to yourselves a carving representation, any image, a representation of a male or female; 17a representation of any beast of the ones being upon the earth; a representation of any [2bird 1feathered] which flies under the heaven; 18a representation of any reptile which crawls upon the earth; a representation of any fish, as many as are in the waters underneath the earth. 19And lest at any time looking up into the heaven, and beholding the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and all the cosmos of the heaven wandering, you should do obeisance to them, and you should serve them, which [3bestowed 1the  lord 2your God] them to all the nations underneath the heaven. 20[5you 1But 4took 2the  lord 3God], and led you from out of the furnace of iron, out of Egypt, to be to him [2people 1a hereditary], as in this day. 21And the  lord God was enraged with me on account of the things having been said by you. And he swore by an oath that I should not pass over this Jordan, and that I should not enter into the [2land 1good] which the  lord your God gives to you by lot. 22For I die in this land, and I shall not pass over this Jordan. But you shall pass over and shall inherit [2land 1this good]. 23Take heed to yourselves! lest at any time you should forget the covenant of the  lord your God, which he ordained with you, and you should make to you yourselves a carving representation of all of which [3gave orders 4to you not to do 1the  lord 2your God]. 24For the  lord your God [3fire 2a consuming 1is] -- a jealous God. 25And if you should procreate sons and sons of your sons, and you should pass time upon the land, and you should act lawlessly, and you should make a carving representation of any thing, and you should do the wicked thing in the presence of the  lord our God to provoke him to anger, 26I call to testify against you today both the heaven and the earth, that by destruction you shall be destroyed from the land in which you pass over the Jordan there to inherit it. You shall not delay long days upon it, but by obliteration you shall be obliterated. 27And the  lord shall disseminate you among all the nations, and there shall be left few of you in number among all the nations into which the  lord shall bring you there. 28And you shall serve there other gods, works of the hands of man -- wood and stones, which cannot see, nor hear, nor eat, nor smell. 29And you shall seek after there the  lord your God, and you shall find him whenever you should seek after him with [2entire 3heart 1your], and with [2entire 3soul 1your] in your affliction. 30And [3shall find 4you 1all 2these words] at the last of the days, and you shall turn towards the  lord your God, and you shall hearken to his voice. 31For God [3is pitying 4and 5merciful 1the  lord 2your God]. He will not abandon you, nor in any way will he obliterate you; he will not forget the covenant of your fathers, which he swore by an oath to them. 32Ask [2days 1former]! the ones having taken place prior of you, from the day of which God created man upon the earth, and upon the one extremity of the heaven unto the other extremity of the heaven, if anything has taken place according to [2thing 1this great], if [2was heard 1such]; 33if [2has heard 1a nation] the voice of the living God speaking in the midst of the fire, in which manner you have heard and lived; 34if God tested, entering to take to himself a nation from out of the midst of a nation, for a test; and in signs, and in miracles, and by war, and by [2hand 1a fortified], and with [2arm 1a high], and in [2visions 1great], according to all as much as [3did 1the  lord 2our God] in Egypt, in the presence of your seeing; 35so as to see yourself that the  lord your God, he is God, and there is not yet one besides him. 36From out of the heaven [3audible 4to you 1he made 2his voice], to correct you; and upon the earth he showed you [3fire 1his 2great]; and his discourses you heard from the midst of the fire. 37It is on account of his loving your fathers that he chose their seed after them -- you. And he led you himself by [3strength 1his 2great] from out of Egypt, 38to utterly destroy [4nations 1great 2and 3stronger] than you before your face, to bring you and to give to you their land to inherit as you have today. 39And you shall know today, and shall turn your mind, that the  lord your God -- he is God, in the heaven upward, and upon the earth below; and there is not any besides him. 40And you shall guard his commandments, and his ordinances, as many as I give charge to you today; that [2good 3to you 1it should be], and to your sons after you, so that [2long-lived 1you should be] upon the earth, of which the  lord your God gives to you all the days. 41Then Moses separated three cities on the other side of the Jordan of the east sun, 42[3to flee 4there 1for the 2man-killer] who ever should have slaughtered the neighbor not knowingly, and this one having not detested him before yesterday and the third day before. And he shall take refuge in one of these cities, and he shall live -- 43 Bezer in the wilderness, in the land in the plain of Reuben; and Ramoth in Gilead to the of Gadites; and Golon in Bashan to the Manassites. 44This is the law which Moses placed before the sons of Israel. 45These are the testimonies, and the ordinances, and the judgments, as many as Moses spoke to the sons of Israel in the wilderness, in their coming forth from the land of Egypt, 46on the other side of the Jordan, in the ravine near the house of Peor, in the land of Sihon king of the Amorites whom dwelt in Heshbon, who Moses struck, and the sons of Israel, in their coming forth from out of the land of Egypt. 47And they inherited his land, and the land of Og king of Bashan, two kings of the Amorites who were on the other side of the Jordan, according to the rising of the sun. 48From Aroer, which is upon the bank of the rushing stream Arnon, and upon the mountain of Sion, which is Hermon, 49all the wilderness on the other side of the Jordan according to the rising of the sun by Asedoth -- the one of dressed stone.
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