Deuteronomy 6


Love The LORD with Your Entire Heart

1And these are the commandments, and the ordinances, and the judgments, as many as [3gave charge 1the  lord 2our God] to teach you to do thus in the land into which you enter there to inherit it. 2That you should fear the  lord our God, to guard all his ordinances and his commandments which I give charge to you today, you and your sons, and the sons of your sons, all the days of your life, that you should prolong your days. 3And hear, O Israel, and guard to do! so that good might be to you, and that you should multiply exceedingly, just as [4spoke 1the  lord 2God 3of your fathers] to give to you a land flowing milk and honey. And these are the ordinances, and the judgments, as many as the  lord gave charge to the sons of Israel in the wilderness, in their coming forth from the land of Egypt. 4Hear, O Israel! The  lord our God [3Lord 2one 1is]. 5And you shall love the  lord your God with [2entire 3heart 1your], and with [2entire 3soul 1your], and with [2entire 3power 1your]. 6And [7will be 1these discourses 2as many as 3I 4give charge 5to you 6today] in your heart, and in your soul. 7And you shall assist [2with them 1your sons], and you shall speak of them sitting down in your house, and going in the way, and lying in bed, and arising. 8And you shall affix them for a sign upon your hand, and it shall be unshaken before your eyes. 9And you shall write them upon the lintels of your houses, and your gates. 10And it will be whenever [3shall bring 4you 1the  lord 2your God] into the land which he swore by an oath to your fathers, to Abraham, and to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give to you [4cities 1the great 2and 3good] which you did not build; 11houses full of all good things which you did not fill up; pits of quarrying which you did not quarry; vineyards and olive groves which you did not plant; and eating and being filled up; 12take heed to yourself! that you should not forget the  lord your God. the one leading you from the land of Egypt, from out of a house of slavery. 13[2the  lord 3your God 1You shall fear], and to him only you shall serve, and to him you shall cleave to, and by his name you shall swear an oath by. 14You shall not go after other gods of the gods of the nations surrounding you. 15For [3is a jealous God 1the  lord 2your God] among you, lest being provoked to anger [3should be enraged 1the  lord 2your God] against you, and should utterly destroy you from the face of the earth. 16You shall not put to test the  lord your God in which manner you put to test in Test. 17Guarding, you shall guard the commandments of the  lord your God, and his testimonies, and his ordinances, as many as he gave charge to you. 18And you shall do the pleasing and the good before the  lord your God, that [2good 3to you 1it should be], and you should enter, and should inherit the [2land 1good] which the  lord swore by an oath to your fathers, 19to drive out all your enemies before your face, as the  lord spoke. 20And it will be whenever [2should ask 3you 1your son] tomorrow, saying, What are the testimonies, and the ordinances, and the judgments, as many as [3gave charge 1the  lord 2our God] to us? 21And you shall say to your son, We were servants to Pharaoh in the land of Egypt, and [2led 3us 1the  lord] from there by [2hand 1a fortified] and with [2arm 1a high]. 22And the  lord executed signs and [4miracles 1great 2and 3severe] in Egypt to Pharaoh, and to his house in our presence. 23And [2led us 1the  lord] from there, that he should bring us, to give to us this land which [3swore by an oath 1the  lord 2our God] to our fathers to give to us. 24And [2gave charge 3to us 1the  lord] to do all these ordinances, to fear the  lord our God, that good might be to us all the days, that we should live as even today. 25And mercy will be to us, if we guard to do all the commandments of this law before the  lord our God, as he gave charge to us.
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