Ecclesiastes 1


The Folly of Life

1The sayings of an ecclesiastic, son of David, king of Israel in Jerusalem. 2Folly of follies, said the ecclesiastic, folly of follies; all things are folly. 3What is abundance to man in all his trouble in which he is troubled under the sun? 4A generation goes, and a generation comes, and the earth [2into 3the 4eon 1is established]. 5And [3rises 1the 2sun], and [3goes down 1the 2sun], and [2unto 3its place 1it draws]. 6In its rising it goes forth to the south, and it circles to the north; [3circles 5circling 4going 1the 2wind], and at its circuits [3returns 1the 2wind]. 7All the rushing streams go into the sea, and the sea is not filled up. To the place where the rushing streams went, there they shall return to go again. 8All [2words 1wearied 4shall not 5be able 3a man] to speak; and [2shall not 3be filled up 1the eye] to see, and [2shall not 3be filled 1the ear] of hearing. 9What is the thing taking place? the same thing as shall be taking place. And what is the thing being done? the same thing that shall be done; and there is not anything newly made under the sun. 10Who shall speak and shall say? Behold this is new! Already it has happened in the eons to the ones having taken place from before us. 11There is no remembrance to the first things; and indeed to the last things being, there will not be a remembrance of them, with the ones being born at the latter end. 12I an ecclesiastic became king over Israel in Jerusalem. 13And I gave my heart to inquire and to survey by wisdom concerning all things happening under the heaven. For [4distraction 3a wicked 2gave 1God] to the sons of men to be distracting to him. 14I beheld all the actions, the ones being done under the sun; and behold, all was folly and a resolve of spirit. 15The thing being perverted is not able to be embellished. And deficiency is not able to be counted. 16I spoke in my heart to say, Behold, I was magnified, and was added wisdom over all who came before me in Jerusalem. And I give my heart to know wisdom and knowledge. 17And my heart beheld much wisdom and knowledge, parables, and higher knowledge. [3knew 2I 1For] even indeed this is resolve of spirit. 18For in abundance of wisdom is abundance of knowledge; and the one adding knowledge shall add pain.
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