Ecclesiastes 10


The Ways of the Wise and Foolish

1A fly put to death will rot a concoction [2oil 1of lucious]; [3is valuable 1A little 2wisdom] over [2glory 3of folly 1great]. 2A heart of a wise man is at his right hand; and the heart of a fool is at his left. 3And indeed [4in the way 1whenever 2a fool 3goes] of his heart, he will fail, and [2which he considers 1all] is folly. 4If spirit of the one exercising authority should ascend against you, [3your place 1you should not 2leave]; for a cure will put to rest [2sins 1great]. 5There is a wickedness which I beheld under the sun, as an unintentional act came forth from the person of one exercising authority. 6[3was put 1The 2fool] in [2heights 1great], and the rich [2in 3low 1shall settle]. 7I beheld servants upon horses, and rulers going as servants upon the ground. 8The one digging a cesspool [2into 3it 1shall fall]; and the one demolishing a fence boundary, [2shall bite 3him 1a serpent]. 9One lifting away stones shall work hard among them; one splitting wood shall be exposed to danger in them. 10If [2should fall off 1an iron implement], and he [2in countenance 1is disturbed], then [2his power 1he shall strengthen], and abundance is to the man of which is wisdom. 11If [3should bite 1the 2serpent] with no enchanter whispering, then there is no advantage to the one charming. 12The words [2mouth 1of a wise] carry favor; but the lips of a fool shall sink him; 13the beginning of the words of his mouth are folly, and the end of his mouth [2madness 1is wicked]. 14And the fool multiplies words. [2does not 3know 1Man] what the thing becoming is, and what the thing will be; for after him who shall announce to him? 15The effort of the fools shall trouble them as one who does not know how to go into the city. 16Woe to you, O city, of which your king is younger, and your rulers [2in 3the morning 1eat]. 17Blessed is your land of which your king is a son of free nobles, and your rulers at a proper time shall eat in force, and shall not be ashamed. 18By slothful neglect [2will be lowered 1a building]; and in idleness of hands [3will drip 1the 2house]. 19For laughter they make bread, and wine and olive oil [2to be glad 1for the living]; and of the money all will heed. 20And indeed in your conscience [2a king 1you should not curse]; and in the closets of your bedrooms you should not curse a rich man. For a winged creature of heaven shall carry your voice, and the one having the wings shall report your word.
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