Ecclesiastes 11


The Ways of Equity

1Send your bread upon the face of the water! for in a multitude of days you will find it. 2Give a portion to seven, even indeed to eight! for you do not know what evil there will be upon the earth. 3If [3should be filled 1the 2clouds] of rain, [2upon 3the 4earth 1they pour out]; and if [2should fall 1a tree] towards the south, or if towards the north, in the place where [3shall fall 1the 2tree] there it shall be. 4Giving heed to the wind one does not sow, and one looking into the clouds will not harvest. 5Among the ones in whom there is no knowing what the way of the wind is, as the bones in the womb of one being with child, so you shall not know the actions of God, as much as he shall do in all things. 6At morning sow your seed, and at evening do not relieve your hand! for you do not know what will line up -- this here, this there, or if the two [2together 1are good]. 7Moreover [2is sweet 1the light], and it is good to the eyes to see with the sun. 8For even if [4years 3many 2shall live 1a man], in all them he shall be glad. And [4shall be remembered 1the 2days 3of darkness], for they will be many. All coming is folly. 9Be glad, O young man, in your youth! and let [2do you good 1your heart] in the days of your youth! And walk in the ways of your heart unblemished, and in the vision of your eyes! And know that in all these [2shall lead 3you 1God] in equity! 10And leave rage from your heart, and pass off wickedness from your flesh! for youth and thoughtlessness are folly.
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