Ecclesiastes 2


The Folly of Pleasure and Wealth

1I said in my heart, Come now indeed, I will test you with gladness, and therefore know good! And behold, also even this is folly. 2To laughter, I said, Deviation. and to gladness, Why do you do this? 3And I surveyed if my heart would draw [2with 3wine 1my flesh]; and my heart guided me in wisdom; and to hold upon gladness until I should see what kind was the good to the sons of men, which they shall do under the sun [2numbered 3days 4of life 1with their]. 4I magnified my action; I built to myself houses; I planted my vineyards. 5I made to myself gardens and parks; and I planted in them a tree for every fruit. 6I made to myself pools of waters to water by them the grove bursting forth rees. 7I acquired manservants, and maidservants; and native-born servants were born to me; and indeed a possession [2herd 3and 4flock 1of a great] became to me above all the ones being before me in Jerusalem. 8I brought together to myself also indeed silver, and indeed gold, and prized possessions of kings and of the places. I prepared to myself male singers and female singers, and amusements of the sons of man; and male wine servers and female wine servers. 9And I became magnified, and proceeded in wisdom past all the ones being before me in Jerusalem; and indeed my wisdom was established to me. 10And all whatever [2asked for 1my eyes] was not at a distance from them. I did not detain my heart from any gladness, for my heart was gladdened in all my effort. And this was my portion of all my effort. 11And I looked upon all my actions, the things which I did by my hands, and on the effort in which I made an effort to do. And behold, all things were folly and a resolve of spirit, and there is no advantage under the sun. 12And I looked around to behold wisdom and deviation and folly; for who is the man who will come after counsel, with as much as they did it? 13And I beheld that there is an advantage to wisdom over folly; as the advantage of the light over the darkness. 14The wise man -- his eyes are in his head; but the fool [2in 3darkness 1goes]. And I knew, even indeed I, that [2event 1one] shall meet with all them. 15And I said in my heart, As the event of the fool is, even indeed to me it shall meet up with me; and why have I discerned wisdom? And this extra I said in my heart, because the fool from out of abundance speaks, for even indeed this is folly. 16For there is no remembrance of the wise man with the fool in the eon; in so far as already the [2days 1coming] all things are forgotten; and how shall [3die 1the 2wise man] with the fool? 17And I was detested with life; for evil was upon me -- the action of doing a thing under the sun. For all is folly and a resolve of spirit. 18And I detested all my effort which I made an effort under the sun. For I must leave it to the man coming after me. 19And who knows if he will be a wise man or a fool? And if he exercises authority in all my effort in which I made an effort in, and in which I gained discernment under the sun. Even indeed this is folly. 20And I turned to dismiss my heart upon all effort in which I made an effort under the sun. 21For there is a man that made his effort in wisdom, and in knowledge, and in courage; and a man in whom did not make an effort -- in him he will give to him his portion. And indeed this is folly and [2wickedness 1great] 22What happens to the man in all his effort, and in resolve of his heart in which he makes an effort under the sun? 23For in all his days are pains and rage of his distraction; and indeed in night [3does not 4go to bed 2heart 1his]. And indeed this is folly. 24There is not a good thing to man unless to eat and to drink, and to show his soul good in his effort. And indeed this I knew, that [2from 3the hand 4of God 1it is]. 25For who shall eat, and who shall drink besides him? 26For to the man, to the one good before his face, he gave wisdom, and knowledge, and gladness. And to the one sinning, he gave distraction to be added and to bring together; so as to give to the good man before the face of God. For even indeed this is folly and resolve of spirit.
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