Ecclesiastes 3


To All Things There is a Time and Season

1To all the time and season, to every thing under the heaven. 2A season to give birth, and a season to die; a season to plant, and a season to pluck out the thing being planted; 3a season to kill, and a season to heal; a season to demolish, and a season to build; 4a season to weep, and a season to laugh; a season to lament, and a season to dance; 5a season to throw stones, and a season to gather stones; a season to embrace, and a season to be far from embrace; 6a season to seek, and a season to lose; a season to keep, and a season to cast out; 7a season to tear, and a season to sew; a season to be quiet, and a season to speak; 8a season to be fond of, and a season to detest; a season of war, and a season of peace. 9What advantage of the one doing things in which he makes an effort? 10I saw with the distraction which God gave to the sons of men to be distracting to him. 11All which he made is good in his season; and indeed with the eon he gave in their heart, so that [2should not 3find 1man] the action which God did from beginning till end. 12I knew that there is not good in them, except to be glad and to do good in his life. 13And indeed, every man who shall eat and shall drink and should behold good in all his effort -- [2a gift 3of God 1it is]. 14I knew that all things as many as God did, they shall be into the eon. Unto them it is not to add, and from them it is not to remove. And God did that they should fear from in front of him. 15The thing becoming, already is; and as much as there is to be, already has become; and God shall seek the thing pursuing. 16And still I beheld under the sun the place of the of judgment -- there the impious one; and a place of the just -- there was the pious one. 17I said in my heart, With the just and with the impious, God will judge, for there is a season for every thing, and for every action there. 18I said in my heart, concerning the speech of the sons of man, that [2will examine 3them 1God], and to show that they are beasts. 19And indeed to them the event of the sons of man, and the event of the beast is [2event 1one] to them; as the death of this one, so also the death of this other one; and [2breath 1one] to all. And what abounded the man more than the cattle? Nothing. For all things are folly. 20All things go to [2place 1one]; all things came from the dust, and all things return to the dust. 21And who has known the spirit of the sons of man, if it ascends itself upward? and the spirit of the beast, if it goes down itself below into the earth? 22And I saw that there is no good, except where [2shall be glad 1man] in his actions; for it is his portion. For who will lead him to see in what ever should take place after him?
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