Ecclesiastes 5


Life's Experiences

1Guard your foot whenever you should go into the house of God and are near to hear! [3be above 4the gift 5of the 6fools 2sacrifice 1Let your], for they are not knowing to do bad. 2Do not hasten with your mouth, and [2your heart 1let not] hasten to bring forth a word before the presence of God! For God is in the heaven upward, and you are upon the earth; Upon this let [2be 1your words] few! 3For [2comes through 1a dream] in a multitude of testing; and the voice of a fool in a multitude of words. 4As when you vow a vow to God, you should not pass time to render it, for [2is not 1his will] in foolish vows. You then, as much as you should have vowed, render! 5Better [2to not 3make a vow 1for you], than for you to make a vow and not repay. 6You should not give your mouth to lead [2into sin 1your flesh]; and you should not say before the presence of God that, It is in ignorance; lest [2should be provoked to anger 1God] at your voice, and should utterly destroy the things made by your hands. 7For in a multitude of dreams, and follies, and [2words 1many], that with God you should fear. 8If [2extortion 3of the needy 4and 5seizure 6by lawsuit 7and 8judicial right 1you should see] in a place, you should not wonder over the thing; for a high one [2above 3a high one 1shall guard], and high ones over them. 9And the abundance of the earth [2for 3all 1is]; even a king needs the [2of a field 1working]. 10The one loving silver shall not be filled of silver; nor one who loved [2in 3their abundance 1the offspring]. And indeed this is folly. 11In a multitude of goodness [4are multiplied 1the ones 2eating 3of it]; and what courageous thing is it to the one having it, but the sum of the seeing it with his eyes? 12[2is sweet 1Sleep] for the servant, if [2little 3or 4if 5much 1he shall eat]. And to the one being filled to be rich there is none allowing him to sleep. 13There is a sickness which I beheld under the sun -- riches being kept by him, for his hurt. 14And [2shall be destroyed 1those riches] in [2distraction 1an evil]; and he engenders a son, and is there not [2in 3his hand 1anything]. 15As he came forth from the womb of his mother naked, he shall return to go as he comes, and nothing shall he take in his effort, that it should go with him in his hand. 16And indeed this is an evil sickness; for as he came, so also he shall go forth. And what is his advantage in which he makes an effort into the wind? 17And indeed all his days are in darkness, and in mourning, and [2rage 1much], and sickness, and bitter anger. 18Behold, I saw good, which is good to eat and to drink; and to see goodness in all his effort in what ever he should make an effort in under the sun, in the number of days of his life which [2gave 3to him 1God]. For it is his portion. 19And indeed, every man to whom [2gave 3to him 1God] riches and possessions, and gave to him authority to eat from it, and to take his portion, and to be glad in his effort; this [2a gift 3of God 1is]. 20For he will not much remember the days of his life, for God distracts him in the gladness of his heart.
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