Esther 3


Haman's Contempt for Mordecai

1After these things [3extolled 1king 2Artaxerxes] Haman the son of Hammedatha the Agagite, and exalted him, and seated him first above all his friends. 2And all the ones in the courtyard did obeisance to him, for so [3assigned it 1the 2king] to do. But Mordecai did not do obeisance to him. 3And [7said 1the ones 2in 3the 4courtyard 5of the 6king] to Mordecai, O Mordecai, why do you disregard the things [2by 3the 4king 1being said]? 4Accordingly each day they spoke to him, and he did not hearken to them; and they indicated to Haman that Mordecai [2against 4of the 5king 3the words 1was rebelling]; and [2indicated 3to them 1Mordecai] that he is a Jew. 5And Haman, realizing that [2did not 3do obeisance to 4him 1Mordecai], was enraged exceedingly.

Haman Plots to Destroy the Jews

6And he took counsel to remove all [2under 3the 5of Artaxerxes 4kingdom 1the Jews]. 7And he made a referendum in [2year 1the twelfth] of the kingdom of Artaxerxes. And he cast lots day by day, and month by month, so as to destroy in one day the race of Mordecai. And [3fell 1the 2lot] on the fourteenth of the month, which is Adar. 8And he spoke to king Artaxerxes, saying, There exists a nation having been disseminated among the nations in all your kingdom, but their laws are special from all the nations; and of the laws of the king they disregard, and it is not advantageous to the king to allow them. 9If it seems good to the king, let him decree to destroy them, and I will circumscribe for the treasury of the king [3of silver 2talents 1ten thousand]. 10And [3removing 1the 2king] the ring, gave it into the hands of Haman, to set a seal on the things being written against the Jews. 11And [3said 1the 2king] to Haman, As for the silver, you have it! and for the nation, you treat it as you want! 12And [3were called 1the 2scribes] by the king [2month 1in the first], the thirteenth day, and they wrote as Haman gave orders to the commandants, and to the rulers in every place from India unto Ethiopia, to a hundred twenty-seven places, to the rulers of the nations according to their form of speech, through Artaxerxes the king. 13And it was sent by couriers unto the kingdom of Artaxerxes, to remove the race of the Jews on day one [2month 1of the twelfth], which is Adar, and to plunder their possessions. 14And the copies of the letters were displayed in each place. And it was assigned to all to be prepared for that day. 15[4was hastened 1And 2the 3thing], even in Shushan. And the king and Haman toasted, [4was disturbed 1but 2the 3city].
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