Esther 5


Esther Appears before the King

1And it came to pass in the [2day 1third], Esther put on royal apparel, and she stood in the courtyard of the house of the king, in the inner courtyard, right opposite the royal house of the king. And the king sat down on the throne of his own kingdom in the [2house 1royal], right opposite the door of the house. 2And as [3saw 1the 2king] Esther the queen standing in the courtyard, that she found favor in his eyes; and [3stretching out 1the 2king] to Esther the [2rod 1golden], the one in his hand, that Esther approached and touched the tip of the rod. 3And [3said 1the 2king], What do you want, Esther, and what is your request? The worth unto half of my kingdom will be to you. 4And Esther said, [4day 5for me 3a notable 1Today 2is]. If then it seems good to the king, let [6come 1both 2the 3king 4and 5Haman] to the banquet which I shall prepare today! 5And [3said 1the 2king], Hasten Haman, so that we should do the word of Esther! And they came both to the banquet which Esther made.

Esther's Banquet

6And at the banquet [3said 1the 2king] to Esther, What is it to you, queen Esther, and it will be to you as much as is worthy? 7And she said, The request of mine and my petition, 8if I found favor before the king, let [5come 1the 2king 3and 4Haman] upon the morrow to the banquet which I shall prepare for them, and tomorrow I will do the same! 9And [2went forth 1Haman] from the king overjoyed and being glad. But in Haman seeing Mordecai the Jew in the courtyard, he was enraged exceedingly. 10And entering into his own place he called his friends, and Zeresh his wife. 11And he showed to them his riches, and the glory which the king invested in him, and how he made him to be preeminent, and to take the lead of the kingdom. 12And Haman said, [4no one 3has called 1The 2queen] with the king, not one to the banquet but me, and for tomorrow she has invited me. 13And these things [3me 1do not 2please], whenever I behold Mordecai the Jew in the courtyard. 14And [3said 4to 5him 1Zeresh 2his wife], and his friends, Fell for yourself a tree [2cubits 1of fifty], and at dawn speak to the king, and hang Mordecai upon the tree; and you enter into the banquet with the king, and be glad! And [3pleased 1the 2saying] Haman, and [3was prepared 1the 2tree].
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