Esther 6


The King Honors Mordecai

1But the  lord removed the sleep from the king that night; and he told his servant to carry in [2letters 1the memorandum] of the days to read to him. 2And he found letters having been written concerning Mordecai, as was reported to the king concerning the two eunuchs of the king, during their watching and their seeking to put hands on Artaxerxes. 3[4said 1And 2the 3king], What glory or favor did we do for Mordecai? And [5said 1the 2servants 3of the 4king], We did not do for him one thing. 4And during the inquiring by the king concerning the good-will of Mordecai, behold, Haman was in the courtyard. [4said 1And 2the 3king], Who is in the courtyard? And he entered to speak to the king to hang Mordecai upon the tree which he prepared. 5And [5said 1the 2servants 3of the 4king], Behold, Haman stands in the courtyard. And [3said 1the 2king], Call him! 6[4said 1And 2the 3king] to Haman, What shall I do to the man whom I want to extol? [3said 1And 4to 5himself 2Haman], Who does [3want 1the 2king] to extol unless me? 7And he said to the king, As for the man whom the king wants to extol, 8let [5bring 1the 2servants 3of the 4king 7apparel 6fine linen] which the king puts on, and the horse upon which the king mounts, 9and give it to one of the friends of the king of the honorable ones; and robe the man whom the king loves, and mount him upon the horse, and let him proclaim through the square of the city! saying, So shall it be done to every man whom the king extols. 10[4said 1And 2the 3king] to Haman, [2well 1You spoke], you do thus to Mordecai the Jew, to the one attending in the courtyard, and do not let fall from you a word which you spoke! 11And Haman took the robe, and the horse, and he robed Mordecai, and mounted him upon the horse, and went through the square of the city, and proclaimed, saying, So it will be to every man the king wants to extol. 12[3returned 1And 2Mordecai] to the courtyard. And Haman returned to his own place fretting with a down cast head. 13And Haman described the things coming to pass to him to Zeresh his wife, and to his friends. And [5said 6to 7him 1the 2friends 3and 4wife], Since [2of 3the race 4of the Jews 1Mordecai is], and you began to be humbled before him, in falling you shall fall, in no way should you be able to defend against him, for the living God is with him. 14While they were yet speaking, [3came 1the 2eunuchs] to hurry Haman unto the banquet which Esther prepared.
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