Esther 8


Esther Petitions the King

1And in that day king Artaxerxes presented to Esther as much as existed to Haman the slanderer. And Mordecai was called on by the king, for Esther indicated how he was related to her. 2[4took 1And 2the 3king] the ring which he removed from Haman, and he gave it to Mordecai. And Esther placed Mordecai over all the things of Haman. 3And proceeding, she spoke to the king, and fell unto his feet, and petitioned him to remove the evil of Haman, and as much as he did to the Jews. 4[4stretched out 1And 2the 3king] to Esther the [2rod 1gold], and Esther arose to stand beside the king. 5And Esther said, If it seems good to you, and I found favor, let it be sent forth to return the letters being sent from Haman, the ones having been written to destroy the Jews who are in your kingdom. 6For how shall I be able to behold the ill treatment of my people? And how shall I be able to be delivered in the destruction of my fatherland? 7And [3said 1the 2king] to Esther, If all the possessions of Haman I gave and granted to you, and he I hanged upon the tree for the hands he bore against the Jews, what yet do you anxiously seek?

Orders Given to Help the Jews

8[2write 1And you] in my name as it seems good to you, and set a seal with my ring! For as much as is written of the king in giving an order, and the seal should be set by my ring, it is not to them to contradict. 9[4were called 1And 2the 3scribes] in the first month, which is Nisan, on the third and twentieth day of the same year. And it was written to the Jews, as much as was given charge to the local managers, and to the rulers of the satrapies from India unto Ethiopia -- a hundred twenty-seven satrapies, according to place by place, according to their form of speech. 10And it was written through the king, and the seal was set by his ring, and they sent out the letters by couriers, 11as he gave orders to them to deal with their laws in every city, both to help them and to deal with their opponents, and with their adversaries as they wanted, 12on [2day 1one] in all the kingdom of Artaxerxes, on the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, which is Adar. 13And the copies, let them be displayed clear to the eyes in all the kingdom, [6prepared 1and for 5to be 2all 3the 4Jews] for this day, for them to wage war against their opponents. 14Then the horsemen went forth hastening [2the things 4by 5the 6king 3being spoken 1to complete]. [4was displayed 1And 2the 3order] also in Shushan. 15 And Mordecai went forth robed in the royal apparel, and [2a crown 1having] of gold, and a diadem [2fine line 1of purple]. [5beholding 1And 2the ones 3in 4Shushan] rejoiced. 16And to the Jews there became light and gladness. 17In each city and place of which ever [3was displayed 1the 2public notice], there was joy and gladness among the Jews, with toasting and gladness. And many of the nations were circumcised, and were Jewish-like because of the fear of the Jews.
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