Exodus 11


Death of the First-born Foretold

1[3said 1And 2the  lord] to Moses, Still one more calamity I will bring upon Pharaoh, and upon Egypt, and after this he will send you from here. And whenever he should send you, [4with 5all your things 3by expulsion 1he will cast 2you]. 2You speak then secretly into the ears of the people! And let [2ask 1each man] from the neighbor, and each woman from the neighbor, items of silver and of gold, and clothes! 3And the  lord gave favor to his people before the Egyptians, and they treated them. And the man Moses [3great 1became 2exceedingly] before the Egyptians, and before Pharaoh, and before his attendants. 4And Moses said, Thus says the  lord, Around the middle of the night I will enter into the midst of Egypt. 5And shall come to an end every first-born in the land of Egypt; from the first-born of Pharaoh, who sits down upon the throne, and unto the first-born of the female attendant by the millstone, and unto the first-born of every beast. 6And there will be [2cry 1a great] by all the land of Egypt, in which such as was not, and such as no longer shall be added. 7But among all the sons of Israel there shall not growl even a dog with its tongue, from man unto beast; so that you may see as much as [2does an incredible thing 1the  lord] between the Egyptians and Israel. 8And [3shall descend 1all 2these your servants] to me, and shall do obeisance to me, saying, You go forth, and all your people whom you guide! and after these things I will go forth. [3went forth 1And 2Moses] from Pharaoh with rage. 9[3said 1And 2the  lord] to Moses, [2will not listen to 3you 1Pharaoh] that I might multiply my signs, and my miracles in the land of Egypt. 10And Moses and Aaron did all these miracles in the land of Egypt before Pharaoh. [3hardened 1And 2the  lord] the heart of Pharaoh, and he did not want to send the sons of Israel out of the land of Egypt.
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