Exodus 16


The LORD Rains Bread

1And they departed from Elim, and [5came 1all 2the congregation 3of the sons 4of Israel] unto the wilderness of Sin, which is between Elim and between Sinai. And on the fifteenth day in [3month 1the 2second] they went forth from the land of Egypt. 2[7complained 1All 2the 3gathering 4of the 5sons 6of Israel] to Moses and Aaron. 3And [4said 5to 6them 1the 2sons 3of Israel], Ought we died being struck by the  lord in the land of Egypt, whenever we sat at the kettles of the meats, and ate bread loaves in fullness. For you led us into this wilderness to kill all this congregation by hunger. 4[3said 1And 2the  lord] to Moses, Behold, I rain upon you bread loaves from out of the heaven; and [3shall come forth 1the 2people], and they shall collect together the bread day to day, that I should test them if they shall go by my law or not. 5And it will be in [3day 1the 2sixth], and they shall prepare what ever they should carry in, and it shall be double what ever they should bring according to day by day. 6[5said 1And 2Moses 3and 4Aaron] to all the gathering of the sons of Israel, At evening you will know that the  lord led you out of the land of Egypt. 7And in the morning you will see the glory of the  lord, in the hearing of your grumbling against God. And we, what are we that you complain against us? 8And Moses said, It is in the [2giving 1the  lord] to you in the evening meats to eat, and bread loaves in the morning for fullness, on account of the  lord's hearing your grumbling which you complain against us. But we, what are we? For not [3against 4us 2your grumbling 1is], but against God. 9[3said 1And 2Moses] to Aaron, Say to all the congregation of the sons of Israel! Come forward before God! for he has heard your grumbling. 10And when Aaron spoke to all the congregation of the sons of Israel, that they turned into the wilderness, and the glory of the  lord appeared in a cloud.

The LORD Sends the Mother-quail

11And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 12I have heard the grumbling of the sons of Israel. Speak to them! saying, Towards evening you shall eat meats, and in the morning you will be filled of bread loaves. And you shall know that I am the  lord your God. 13And it was evening. And there ascended the mother-quail, and it covered the camp. And in the morning there was a resting of the dew round about the camp. 14And behold, upon the face of the wilderness, a thin thing as coriander -- white, as ice upon the earth. 15And seeing it, the sons of Israel said, an other to the other, What is this? [3not 1For 2they had] known what it was. [3said 1And 2Moses] to them, This is the bread which the  lord gave to you to eat. 16This is the thing which the  lord ordered. Bring together of it each for what is fitting! A homer per head, according to the number of your souls; [2each 3with 4your tents 1let] collect together! 17And [4did 5so 1the 2sons 3of Israel], and they collected together what was much and what was less. 18And measuring with the homer, [3was not 4superabundant 1the one which 2had much], and the one which had less had not too less, for each [2what was fitting 3for 4himself 1collected together]. 19[3said 1And 2Moses] to them, Let no one leave behind of his into the morning! 20And they did not hearken to Moses, but left behind some of it into the morning. And [2erupted 1worms], and it stunk. And [2was embittered 3over 4them 1Moses]. 21And they collected it together morning by morning, each the fitting thing for himself. And when [3warmed through 1the 2sun], it melted away. 22And it happened in the [2day 1sixth] they collected together the necessary double amount, two homers to the one person. [7entered 1And 2all 3the 4rulers 5of the 6congregation], and announced to Moses. 23[3said 1And 2Moses] to them, This word is what the  lord spoke. A Sabbath rest, holy to the  lord is tomorrow. Whatever as much as you should bake -- bake. And whatever as much as you should boil -- boil! And all that being superabundant leave it for reposit for the morning! 24And they left of it into the morning, as [2ordered 3them 1Moses]. And it did not stink, nor [2a worm 1was there] in it. 25[3said 1And 2Moses], You eat it today, for it is a Sabbath to the  lord! Today you shall not find any in a plain. 26Six days you shall collect together, but the [2day 1seventh] is a Sabbath, for it shall not be found in it. 27And it came to pass on the seventh day, and came forth certain ones from the people to collect together, and they did not find. 28[3said 1And 2the  lord] to Moses, For how long will you not listen to my commandments, and my law? 29See! for the  lord gave to you [2Sabbath 3day 1this]. On account of this he gave to you on the [2day 1sixth] bread loaves for two days. Let [2sit down 1each] in your houses by himself! Not one of you go forth from out of his place during the [2day 1seventh]! 30And [3observed the Sabbath 1the 2people] in the [2day 1seventh]. 31And [4named 5it 1the 2sons 3of Israel] -- the name of it, Manna. And it was as the seed of coriander -- white. And the taste of it was as pastry with honey. 32[3said 1And 2Moses], This is the thing which the  lord ordered. Fill the homer of the manna, for reposit for your generations! that they might see the bread which you ate in the wilderness, as [2led 3you 1the  lord] out of the land of Egypt. 33And Moses said to Aaron, Take [3jar 2golden 1one], and put in it a full homer of manna, and put it aside before God for preservation into your generations! 34In which manner the  lord ordered Moses, even [2put 4aside 1Aaron 3it] before the testimony for preservation. 35And the sons of Israel ate the manna [2years 1forty], until they came into the land to be lived in. [2the 3manna 1They ate] until they came into a part of Phoenicia. 36Now the homer [2the 3tenth 4of three 5measures 1was].
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