Exodus 27


The Horned Altar

1And you shall make an altar from out of [2woods 1incorruptible], of five cubits the length, and five cubits the breadth. [4four-cornered 3will be 1The 2altar], and [2three 3cubits 1its height]. 2And you shall make the horns upon the four corners. [4part of 5it 3will be 1The 2horns]. And you shall cover them in brass. 3And you shall make a rim for the altar. And its lid, and its bowls, and its meat hooks, and its censer, and all its utensils you shall make of brass. 4And you shall make for it [3grate 4work 1a latticed 2brass]. And you shall make for the grate four rings of brass upon the four sides. 5And you shall place them under the grate of the altar from below. [4will be 1And 2the 3grate] for half the altar. 6And you shall make for the altar bearing poles from out of [2woods 1incorruptible], and you shall brass plate them in brass. 7And you shall bring the bearing poles into the rings; and let [3be 1the 2bearing poles] according to the sides of the altar in the lifting it! 8[3hollow 4planked 1You shall make 2it]; according to the holding forth of the example to you on the mountain -- thus you shall make it.

The Courtyard

9And you shall make a courtyard for the tent in the side, the one towards the south, and shrouds for the courtyard from out of linen being twined, the length a hundred cubits to the one side. 10And their posts -- twenty; and their bases -- twenty, of brass; and their hooks, and their clips made of silver. 11So also to the side towards the north you shall make shrouds a hundred cubits in length, and their posts -- twenty; and their bases -- twenty, made of brass; and their hooks, and the clips for the posts, and the bases being silver plated with silver metal. 12And the breadth of the courtyard by the west with shrouds of fifty cubits, their posts -- ten; and their bases -- ten. 13And the breadth of the courtyard towards the east with shrouds of fifty cubits; their posts -- ten, and their bases -- ten. 14And fifteen cubits for the shrouds is to be the height for the [2side 1one]; their posts -- three, and their bases -- three. 15And for the [2side 1second] fifteen cubits for the shrouds is to be the height; their posts -- three, and their bases -- three. 16And in the gate of the courtyard a covering twenty cubits in height, from out of blue and purple, and scarlet being twined, and linen being twined in the embroidery of the stitcher; their posts -- four, and their bases -- four. 17All the posts of the courtyard round about being plated in silver, and their tips made of silver, and their bases of brass. 18And the length of the courtyard -- a hundred by a hundred. And the breadth -- fifty by fifty. And the height -- five cubits from out of linen being twined. And their bases were of brass. 19And all the furniture, and all the work tools, and the stanchions of the courtyard were of brass.

The Oil Lamp

20And you give orders to the sons of Israel! And let them take to you olive oil from olive trees free from impurities! [2pure 1being beaten] for a light, that [2should burn 1a lamp] always. 21In the tent of the testimony, from outside the veil, the one by the covenant -- [2shall burn 3it 1Aaron] and his sons from evening until morning before the  lord; [2law 1for an eternal] unto your generations by the sons of Israel.
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